10 fun nature crafts and activities for kids

We enjoy taking part in #30DaysWild, a challenge run by The Wildlife Trusts encouraging people to do one ‘random act of wildness’ each day in June. My children love doing crafts and we enjoy trying to incorporate a few nature crafts and activities into our random acts of wildness. Of course, you don’t have to be taking part in a challenge to enjoy some nature crafts but if you are taking part in #30DaysWild, here are ten ideas for nature crafts and activities that you could try:


Nature fairy wands; Sophie wearing a leaf crown and leaf necklace; a solar oven and rainbow leaf prints - "10 fun nature crafts and activities for kids"


1) Nature masks

These nature masks are simple and fun to make using items collected from the garden or out on a walk. All you need is some cardboard, a craft stick, glue, scissors and a selection of nature items to decorate your mask.


Jessica and Sophie standing in the garden with their nature masks



2) Nature fashion accessories

Using items from nature to make fashion accessories can be as simple as making daisy chains together, threading leaves to make a necklace or sticking them on to a cardboard ring to make a leaf crown. You can also make simple nature bracelets in a similar way to the leaf crown.


Sophie wearing a leaf necklace and a leaf crown, holding a grass wand


Sophie showing off her finished nature bracelets



3) Nature fairy wands

These nature fairy wands are so simple to make and have been a favourite with my girls. Simply wrap pipe cleaners around a stick and then insert flowers and leaves to make your fairy wand. You can also add ribbons or other decorations if you wish.


Two fairy wands made from sticks and decorated with glittery pipe-cleaners, roses, hawksbeard, sweetpea and leaves



4) Rainbow leaf printing

This is such a simple activity but the finished prints are so pretty. To make your own, colour the underside of a leaf in rainbow colours, press your leaf on to a piece of paper and lift to see the finished print. You can try different shaped leaves to see the different effects or use different colours and use the leaf print as a starting point for some doodles. See what different prints we created here.


Three leaves on a piece of paper with a rainbow print of each leaf above it



5) Leaf monsters

Leaf monsters are simple and fun to make and little ones can let their imagination run wild. All you need are some leaves, googly eyes and pens.


Sophie's leaf monster with dandelion arms



6) Solar oven

This is a great science activity to do with kids on a hot and sunny day. We had fun trying to bake some cookies in our solar oven but I’ve heard that s’mores work well in a solar oven. I’m hoping that we’ll have some hot weather later this summer to give that one a try. You can find the instructions to make a solar oven and read more about our experience here.


The solar oven in the garden with cookie dough inside



7) Rain gauge

Rain is pretty much guaranteed in a British summer so why not take advantage of it and make a rain gauge? This is a great learning activity to do with children on a rainy day – all you need is a plastic bottle, some stones and a marker pen.


A rain gauge made from a plastic bottle outside in the garden



8) Butterfly feeder

We love watching caterpillars transform into butterflies and seeing all the different butterflies that visit our garden. This butterfly feeder is simple to make and a great way to try and encourage more butterflies to visit.


A homemade butterfly feeder in the garden



9) Toilet roll bird feeders

These bird feeders are simple for little ones to make (although can be a bit messy!) We’ve made these a few times to try and encourage more birds to visit our garden.


A bird feeder made from a toilet roll tube covered in peanut butter and seeds



10) Wormery

Making a wormery is a great learning activity for helping children observe worms and learn more about what they do to the soil in the garden.



Sophie putting dead leaves and vegetable peelings on top of the worms in the plastic bottle wormery


This year will be our fifth year taking part in #30DaysWild and I’m sure we’ll be revisiting some of these activities. If you’re joining in too, why not give one (or more!) of these a try too? You can also read more about the other activities we’ve enjoyed doing for #30DaysWild here.


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24 thoughts on “10 fun nature crafts and activities for kids

    1. Thank you Hannah. The rainbow leaf printing is one of my favourites – we’re definitely going to be doing this one again for #30DaysWild

  1. I love these ideas. The solar oven is brilliant – marshmallows would be fun to cook. I guess they’d probably get really sticky!


    1. I think they probably would too! I’m hoping we’ll get some warm weather soon so I can give them a try.

  2. What fun crafts and activities! I love them all but I especially like the nature fairy wands what a brilliant idea. x

  3. The Fairy Wands would be such a hit here I am definitely going to try this with my twins when we go camping. We have daisy chains on the agenda here tomorrow #MischiefandMemories

  4. I love leaf printing and hadn’t thought of using rainbow colours. I have been teaching some of the children in my class how to make daisy chains! Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

  5. Some great ideas! I love the solar oven, not thought of making one before. Thanks for sharing at #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time.

    1. The solar oven was lots of fun – I’m waiting for the warm weather to return so we can try it again.

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