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Me holding Jessica in intensive care

Children’s Heart Week Day 7: I am a heart mummy

I am a heart mummy.   From the day I discovered that my little girl’s heart had not formed quite as it should have done, I became part of a…

Me holding a plait of hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust

Silent Sunday 18/05/14


Windmills in Holland

Children’s Heart Week Day 6: Welcome to Holland

I have seen this essay shared many times by other heart parents, and parents of children with additional medical needs. It is a beautifully written piece and one which helps…

The word 'milestones'

Word of the Week 16/05/14 – Milestones

This week’s word of the week is:It’s been quite a significant week for my two girls. On Sunday, Sophie sat without being supported for the very first time during crèche…

Children’s Heart Week Day 5: Feeding

Feeding is something that can be a big cause of concern for parents of children with CHD. They often require more calories than heart-healthy children but can get quite tired…

Jessica at a few weeks old asleep in a cot at John Radcliffe hospital

Children’s Heart Week Day 4: Hospitals

We’ve spent quite a lot of time in hospital over the last three years. Jessica has been under the care of six different hospitals since she was born for various…

Jessica on PICU after her Glenn procedure

Children’s Heart Week Day 3: Jessica’s HLHS journey so far

Like many other children with CHD, Jessica has needed several operations. Her heart can never be fixed – surgery can only help improve her heart function. The usual surgical pathway…

Jessica at the 20 week scan

Children’s Heart Week Day 2: The 20 week scan

It’s three years today since we were told that Jessica was unlikely to be suitable for surgery and that she would be offered comfort care after she was born. However,…

Jessica in intensive care after her Norwood procedure

Children’s Heart Week Day 1: Some facts about CHD

This week (12-18 May) is Children’s Heart Week. I have two beautiful daughters, one of whom has a severe and complex congenital heart defect (CHD) called hypoplastic left heart syndrome…

A Duplo cake and a birthday card for Mummy

Silent Sunday 11/05/14