Me and Mine – March 2018

It’s been a funny month. The weather has been all over the place over the last few weeks. One minute it looks like Spring might be making an appearance and then it’s back to freezing weather and snow. For us as a family, this month has certainly been a changeable one, and not just from the perspective of the weather.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie in the garden with our snowman - "Me and Mine - March 2018"


It’s been a tough month for Jessica. Winter bugs have hit her hard this month and she hasn’t yet managed a full week at school since her return after her surgery. It seems like she goes in for a couple of days, catches something, is off for a few days and goes back again only to pick something else up! This half-term has left her completely exhausted. I’m hoping that the Easter break will be just what she needs to start picking up again.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie in the garden with our snowman


I’m now at the halfway point with my pregnancy with Peanut. We’ve had two scans this month – a heart scan as well as the 20-week anomaly scan. Thankfully both scans have shown that Peanut seems to be growing and developing normally, which is a huge relief. You’ll have to wait until Peanut arrives though to find out whether they will be a boy or a girl as we chose not to find out!


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie with our snowman in the garden


Most of this month’s photos were taken right at the start of the month. We did manage a day out at Chessington and a family photo on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure but otherwise we’ve not had many opportunities for family photos. Hubby’s been away again a lot this month working on events and Jessica being unwell has meant fewer opportunities to get out and about together.


Our family photo from the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure


We’ve got a week away together to look forward to over the Easter holidays though. It will be good to get away for some family time, especially as this is our last planned holiday before Peanut arrives in the summer. Hopefully Jessica will be well enough to enjoy it too.


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  1. Awe such lovely photos of you all in snow having fun. I do hope your having a better month this month and enjoying all the weather now spring has arrived.

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