Friday Focus 30/03/18 – Coughs and sneezes

Jessica has had quite a nasty cough this week which has knocked her out again. We’d agreed with school at the start of the week that she would go back on half-days this week as she’s been so exhausted recently. As it turned out, even that was too much for her. She managed to perform her Year 1 production in front of school on Monday morning but got sent home immediately afterwards as she got very cold and blue getting changed. She was desperate to repeat it in front of the parents the next day so we agreed that she would come in just to do the performance and come home again.

The word cough with Jessica coughing in place of the "o"


She wasn’t well enough to return to school for the last couple of days of term though. Her tongue looked a bit strawberry-like when I took her to the doctors during the week, and they thought she might have scarlet fever. I’m not entirely convinced that this is what is wrong though – she’s had no other symptoms – but I’m hoping that antibiotics will also help prevent any chest infection with the cough and clear up whatever it is that has been making her so poorly recently.


It does feel like she’s picked up everything since going back to school and the last half-term has certainly been a tough one for her. At least now we have a break for a couple of weeks. Hopefully this will be just what she needs to get better again.



Things I have loved this week:

  • A fun evening at the Girls’ Brigade beetle drive and fish ‘n’ chip supper. This term, they’ve been collecting small change in aid of Friends of PICU and have raised over £200. It’s so lovely that everyone has been supportive of this charity that is very close to our hearts.


  • Receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers out of the blue.


  • Watching Jessica perform in the Year 1 Spring production.


Jessica dressed as a butterfly for her Year 1 Spring production


  • Being reassured that all seems well with Peanut on the 20-week scan.


  • Making an Easter egg crown with Jessica and Sophie.


Jessica decorating a cardboard egg for Sophie's Easter egg crown


  • Planning a week away on the Isle of Wight.


  • Watching Sophie perform in her preschool Easter concert.


Sophie wearing her Easter egg crown in her preschool Easter concert


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 30/03/18 – Coughs and sneezes

  1. Poor Jessica, I really hope they find out what’s wrong with her and she gets well soon. She’s been through so much. I’m glad she made it to the Spring Production, what a pretty butterfly. I love the photo of Sophie in her Easter hat too. And good news about peanut xx

    1. Thank you Anne – I think it really is just her picking up all the various winter bugs that have been doing the rounds and being knocked for six by them all. Hopefully the break will do her good x

  2. Hope Jessica feels better very soon, they do pick up all sorts at school 🙁 glad she managed to do her performance though. Have a lovely Easter

  3. Aww! Poor Jessica. It sounds like she’s having a really rough time at the moment. I hope she feels better soon.
    Well done to the Girls’ Brigade raising money for such a great cause.
    That photo of Sophie is just adorable.
    Happy Easter x

  4. Poor Jessica, glad she at least got to perform her shows, though. There’s so many germs and bugs around as my two have been poorly, so I can imagine with Jessica’s immune system struggling that they are totally wiping her out. Here’s hoping some warmer weather will come in soon and help us all out. Have a lovely Easter x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you, fingers crossed that we get some more nice weather soon! Hope you have a good Easter too 🙂

  5. I hope Jessica is feeling better soon, I’m glad she got to perform though. It looks like the girls have had a fun week in the run up to Easter, our school hasn’t done anything to celebrate this apart from making cards. I hope you have a nice Easter break x

  6. Oh dear – sorry to hear Jessica has been quite ill this week; the long Easter holidays will be a great time for her to rest. Lovely that she was able to take part in the school performance (I bet that meant a lot to her), and it looks like some fun crafts have been enjoyed with both girls. A wonderful week ahead to you all. #WotW

  7. So glad all was good with the Scan Louise, ah poor Jessica she does seen to be having it tough at the moment! But what a little hero for still doing the show. And what a lovely surprise getting flowers. Have a lovely Easter break x

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