#givejoyforjessica – spread a smile on 14 April in memory of a little girl with a special heart

Next Wednesday (14 April) is the third anniversary of Jessica’s death. For the last two years, we have focused on this being a day to #givejoyforjessica; a day to do things to give joy to others and encouraging other people to join in and do the same. Our beautiful brave girl spread so much joy in her short life. Her godmother once referred to her as a “joy-carrier” and it’s the most perfect description of her. She was full of smiles, even when in hospital and made so many other people smile. It feels right to honour her memory by doing the same.


A smiley Jessica at the park - "#givejoyforjessica - spread a smile on 14 April in memory of a little girl with a special heart"


The current restrictions may make finding ways to #givejoyforjessica a little more challenging, but here are some ideas of ways in which you could join in:


  • Write a letter to a friend or send them a card in the post.
  • Share something that you’re thankful for today – or perhaps you could take a big leap and begin a daily gratitude challenge. I’m in my sixth year now of mine and it’s helped me find something positive even on the hardest of days.
  • Share a funny joke online.
  • Bake cakes or biscuits with your children.
  • Invite a friend for a walk and perhaps bring a picnic.
  • Drop off a bunch of flowers to a friend.
  • Donate to your local food bank.
  • Phone a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while.
  • Make a donation to a charity close to your heart or sponsor a friend who is fundraising.
  • Have a kitchen disco with your children.
  • Take the time to say thank you to someone for something they have done.
  • Share something you love – a favourite book, a recipe or something you’ve made.
  • Take time to really listen to someone.



We all need reasons to smile sometimes. I hope that you can join me in sharing some of your smiles on 14 April. If you’re sharing via social media, please use the hashtag #givejoyforjessica so I can see your posts. Please do also feel free to let me know if you have any other ideas of ways to join in in the comments below.




8 thoughts on “#givejoyforjessica – spread a smile on 14 April in memory of a little girl with a special heart

  1. Jessica’s godmother is right, your girl really was a joy-carrier. It is hard to see a photo or read about her and not smile. I will be thinking of you on the 14th. x

  2. A joy-carrier is definitely a good way to describe Jessica. I often see your #365daysofgratitude posts on Facebook and it never fails to lighten up my day when I see Jessica’s little face pop up on my feed.
    We will be keeping you in our thoughts and joining in too. x

  3. So sorry for the late reply. April 14th is my youngest sons birthday and also that of a very good friend who was a stranger to me 4 years ago the night my father died and was very kind to me that night. I also have another friend who has a birthday that day so I will add Jessica’s memory to this also for future years. Thank you for linking with #pocolo

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