Easter Sunday fun: an egg hunt and learning to ride a bike without stabilisers

It was so good over the Easter weekend to be able to meet up with family living locally thanks to the relaxing of restrictions allowing groups of six, or two households to meet outside. We had a lovely Easter Sunday afternoon, enjoying a picnic in the sunshine in Grandma and Grandad’s garden.


Sophie and Thomas with a basket of Easter eggs in Grandma's garden - "Easter Sunday fun: an egg hunt and learning to ride a bike without stabilisers"


Auntie Marls had set up an Easter egg hunt for the children with eggs carefully hidden all around the garden. Thomas hadn’t quite grasped the concept of trying to find eggs and was more interested in running around the garden, so Sophie did most of the hunting. She managed to find most of them on the first lap around the garden, although it did take us a few more laps and the odd hint to find all of them.


Sophie with a basket ready to do an Easter egg hunt in Grandma's garden


Sophie with a basket full of Easter eggs


Thomas might not have been interested in help Sophie look for eggs, but of course once they’d been found, he was very eager to help Sophie eat them!


Sophie finding Easter eggs in Grandma's garden with Thomas looking on


One of Sophie’s aims for the Easter holidays has been to learn how to ride her bike without stabilisers. Grandma’s lovely big garden was a great place to practise her bike riding with the grass providing a soft landing should she fall off. The garden also slopes downhill from the house which helped her to build up speed and make it easier for her to pedal (although it did then mean having to push her bike back up the garden again!)


Sophie riding her bike without stabilisers on Grandma's lawn


She was soon off and pedalling away, very proud of herself for being able to ride on two wheels down the garden. It was lovely to see how quickly she gained in confidence too. By the end of the afternoon, she was off the grass and pedalling down the driveway instead. The bike is a little too small for her though so we’re going to have to get her a bigger bike.


Sophie riding her bike without stabilisers on Grandma's driveway


Being with family, enjoying a picnic and Easter egg hunt in the sunshine and watching Sophie learning new skills was such a lovely way to spend our Easter Sunday. I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to travel a little further afield after the next step of easing restrictions so we can go and visit my family and enjoy some outdoor time with them too.


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8 thoughts on “Easter Sunday fun: an egg hunt and learning to ride a bike without stabilisers

  1. What a fabulous garden for an Easter Egg hunt! It looks like you had wonderful weather too. Congratulations to Sophie on achieving such a big milestone :o)


    1. Thank you Catherine. It’s such a lovely garden for the children to explore. Sophie was so pleased with herself.

  2. That is wonderful! It’s amazing how fast they can learn skills when they are determined isn’t it? My boys all learned to ride on the lawn too.

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