Friday Focus 17/11/17 – Keep calm and carry on

We’re getting closer and closer to the new date for Jessica’s surgery. At the moment, I feel quite calm about it all, although I suspect that may change over the weekend as the reality of going back into hospital hits home again. This week has been all about enjoying the ordinary little moments of family life. Having hubby home again, being together, taking things easy.


The word "calm" with a rainbow over the top - this week's word of the week


Both the girls have had coughs and colds this week. Sophie was off preschool at the beginning of the week with it and Jessica was off school yesterday. I’m hoping that we manage to shake off the bugs over the weekend as Jessica is due to go in to hospital on Monday for her “sleepover” and her surgery is planned for Tuesday.


I’m continuing to draw strength from my faith. It has helped hugely so far knowing that we are in the thoughts and prayers of so many family and friends as we get ready to take this next step in our heart family journey.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Watching Jessica and Sophie help put out the sweets ready for tuck after Girls’ Brigade.


  • Going for a lovely autumn walk with hubby and our girls.


Hubby, Jessica and Sophie sitting on a bench in the autumn sunshine


  • Seeing Jessica taking part in the Remembrance Sunday parade with her friends from Girls’ Brigade.


Jessica in her Girls' Brigade uniform ready for the Remembrance Sunday parade


  • Listening to Jessica reading and hearing how much more confident she is at it.


  • Setting up the Rose Petal Cottage playhouse for the first time in ages and watching the girls having fun playing in it.


Jessica playing with a dolly in the Rose Petal Cottage playhouse


  • Sophie taking her “babies” to the park in their pram.


  • Watching Jessica and Sophie having fun decorating fairy doors.


Jessica and Sophie decorating fairy doors



The Reading Residence


20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 17/11/17 – Keep calm and carry on

  1. Calm is a good word, I’m glad that you’re feeling calm, and I’m sure having your husband around makes thing easier. Hope the girls shake off their bugs and all goes well with Jessica’s sleepover x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thanks Jocelyn. I think it does help having hubby around for the run-up to it all this time x

  2. So many lovely, but simple activities to do together. I feel calm just reading your post. The photo of Jessica in her Girls’ Brigade uniform is beautiful. Hope she enjoyed it. Wishing all the snuffles away for you. #wotw

  3. Oh that photo of your hubby and girls is just adorable ! I’m glad to here you are feeling calm and have your faith to call on to help you through. It looks like the girls have had a lovely week, we used to have the Rose Petal cottage and the kids loved it. Have a nice weekend, will be thinking of you all next week x #WotW

  4. It looks like a lovely week, I hope the girls are feeling better very soon and that Jessica is fine for her ‘sleepover.’ I’ll be thinking of you all xx

  5. It sounds like a lovely week apart from the coughs and colds. I hope the girls are feeling better now.
    I hope everything goes OK for Jessica next week. I will be stalking you on social media on Tuesday checking for updates. x

  6. It is good to hear that it is more calmer abd must be lovely to have the extra pair fo hands pack. Jessica looks so grown up and lovely photo of Sophie with the babies X #wotw

  7. Calm is a great feeling to have. I hope you manage to shake off those bugs. We will be thinking of you all and hoping that everything goes well next week. Stay strong hun

  8. Aw I hope they both get over their colds bless them especially in time for the surgery to go ahead, it must be so tough for you but Calm is the best way, although I know with Jacks diabetes some time calm is hard! I do love a family Autumn walk too this time of year is so beautiful x

    1. Thank you Sarah. I can well imagine what a rollercoaster it is to live with diabetes and calm must be quite difficult at times with that too! x

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