Friday Focus 03/11/17 – Holding on to hope and faith

As the date for Jessica’s surgery draws closer, I find myself drawing comfort and strength from my faith. Reminding myself that I don’t have to rely on my own strength to get through this; that I am not alone.  In those moments when my fear overwhelms me, I have poured my heart out in prayer, and found comfort in doing so.


A rainbow across the word "Faith" - this week's word of the week


“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)


This is the verse I have held on to throughout our journey as a heart family. It’s one that helps me now. The reminder that God will give me strength for the road ahead. I will put my trust in him as we prepare to head into hospital and pray that Jessica’s surgery will go well.


All those little ordinary moments seem very precious this week. I am thankful for the everyday things – snuggles with my girls in the morning; watching them play together; listening to their chatter. Little moments that I want to be able to bottle up and keep. Wanting time to go as slowly as possible; wanting to hold both my girls as close as possible.


Jessica and Sophie having fun on the swings at Langley Park


It’s been hard with hubby being away – hard for all of us. The girls miss their daddy; I find it hard being alone with my thoughts and he just wants to be home with us and to be able to enjoy those little moments as a family.


Jessica continues to take it all in her stride. She wants to play with her Playmobil hospital every day; she tells me what she wants to take to the hospital with her and asks how many sleeps there are left until her “sleepover” at the doctors. I am so thankful that she is not anxious about this next step on her journey.  It helps give me the strength I need to stay positive for her.


I’ll be sharing updates about Jessica’s surgery on her blog over the coming days. If you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers that would be very much appreciated.


For now though, I’ll focus on enjoying the weekend and these last few days of normality before we step on the rollercoaster that is hospital life.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Seeing how much Sophie enjoyed her birthday. We had a morning at home opening presents, went out for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the park having ice-cream and playing in the playground.


Sophie and Jessica looking at Sophie's Paw Patrol birthday cake which Grandma is holding


  • Spending a day visiting my family.


Jessica and Sophie with Nanny


  • Baking Halloween themed cupcakes for Sophie’s preschool Halloween party.



Me, Jessica and Sophie in Miniland at Legoland


  • Singing songs at bedtime and working my way through the various requests.



A Nativity scene in a shoebox showing Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus in the manger; a shepherd with his sheep; a King and an angel


  • Jessica and Sophie creeping into my bed in the night and snuggling up together.


  • Sophie’s preschool photos.


Sophie and Jessica in Sophie's preschool photo



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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 03/11/17 – Holding on to hope and faith

  1. I will be thinking about you all next week x The fact that Jessica is not anxious is testament to your amazing strength, I know it must be so hard but you are doing amazingly well.

    I love Sophie’s cheeky grin in her pre-school photo. I hope you all enjoy the weekend together x #WotW

  2. It’s so hard isn’t it. I’m sure that Jessica will come through it all fine but of course I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. xx

  3. You and your family are most definitely in my thoughts, at the moment. I’m so glad you will be keeping us up to date. Bottling up the precious moments is so important, but I think Jessica has got the right approach. It sounds like you have prepared her so beautifully. I love your nativity scene. A great craft project. #wotw

  4. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts Louise. It’s so wonderful that Jessica isn’t anxious, and how lovely that she enjoys playing with her hospital so much.
    I love the school photo of the two of them together, such gorgeous girls and Sophie looks so cheeky.

  5. I’m glad that Jessica’s continuing to take it in her stride, that must be very comforting for you. It’s great that you have your faith to keep you strong throughout. Sending love to you all, I’ll be thinking of you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. Sending love and hugs. I will be thinking of you next week. Jessica really is a little star. It must be some comfort to know Jessica isn’t worrying….
    Lovely photos xxx

  7. Louise,

    As you were saying at a difficult moment in July, you don’t have to be strong all the time, or rely on your own strength. The verse from Philippians looks at this from one angle. Turn back a few pages to 2 Corinthians 12, and you’ll find God saying to Paul: “my power is made perfect in weakness” — the same truth from a different angle. It is a recurring theme in OT and NT.
    I hope this is helpful.

  8. A Louise I am thinking of you all my lovely and I will pray for you, and for Jessica she is the bravest little girl who shows such strength of course because of how you all deal with it, sending all my love and strength x

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