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Cleaning curtains. It’s one of those things that I know I should probably do more often. I do run the upholstery hoover attachment over them every now and then to try and remove any dust that they might have collected. I have to confess though that a proper deep clean happens quite rarely. The trouble is, it’s such a faff to take them down and get them to the dry cleaners so they can be properly cleaned. This year, I am a brand ambassador for Fantastic Services. Curtain cleaning is one of the many services they offer. With their curtain cleaning service, there was no need to take the curtains down at all. My curtains would get a thorough clean with minimal effort required on my part.


The technician from Fantastic Services cleaning my lounge curtains - "Fantastic Services Curtain Cleaning Review"


There are two different cleaning methods offered by Fantastic Services. Hot water extraction involves applying a mixture of hot water and detergent using a special machine which then vacuums it off again. This helps to loosen the dirt before it is sucked away along with 95% of the moisture. It is suitable for synthetic or mixed fibre curtains that can withstand high temperatures. For delicate/natural fibre curtains, dry cleaning can be used instead. This involves applying a dry powder or solvent to the curtains. This is rubbed in using rotating brushes and then vacuumed out.


The technician brings the equipment needed for both methods of cleaning. The most appropriate cleaning method is chosen after inspecting the curtains. For my curtains, the technician used the hot water extraction method. The machine used to clean the curtains was set up in the hallway. The pipe from this was long enough to stretch upstairs to clean my bedroom curtains before the technician moved on to clean the curtains in the dining room and lounge. It took about an hour and half for all three sets of curtains to be cleaned.


The machine used for cleaning the curtains

We were told that it would take around two hours for the curtains to be fully dry after cleaning. They did feel fairly dry to the touch immediately afterwards though. The cleaning solution, which was an eco-friendly one, left behind a lemon scent which was fairly pleasant.


I didn’t think my curtains looked dirty at all beforehand. However, there was quite a lot of dirt on the cloth that the technician showed us after he had cleaned them. The curtains did also look visibly cleaner.


The before and after shots of my bedroom and lounge curtains showing that they are visibly cleaner


Overall, we were very happy with the service. It was certainly much easier than having to take the curtains down and clean them, which is what we would have normally done.


Fantastic Services offer curtain and blinds cleaning using either hot water extraction or dry cleaning. The method used depends on which is most suitable. Prices start from £19 for a half-length set of curtains using the hot water extraction method and £66 using the dry cleaning method.


My lovely clean living room curtains


Fantastic Services’ range of cleaning services also includes one-off and regular cleaning, window cleaning, carpet/rug cleaning and oven cleaning.  They also offer a range of other services, including gardening, handyman services, waste removal and pest control. If you’d like to try out one of the services offered by Fantastic Services, you can receive £10 off the first booking* if you book using the code LHBL10.


If you are looking to use the range of services offered by Fantastic Services on a more long-term basis, you can enjoy exclusive perks by becoming a member of the Fantastic Club for an annual fee of £49. Fantastic Club Members get a fixed 10% OFF 25+ Fantastic services and £1 off the standard price for every hour of Regular and One-off cleaning for an entire year. They also get access to members only deals and are the first to know about last-minute slots, new services and preferential offers.


Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Fantastic Services this year. I have received several complimentary services in return for reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


*T&C: 10 GBP off first booking. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Does not apply for regular and one-off domestic cleaning. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage.

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  1. Looks like they have done a fab job! I love that it’s so hassle free, there is nothing worse than having to take curtains down and put them back up again. I have to say the prices are lower than I was expecting too!

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