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Our back garden has very much been a work in progress over the last couple of years. The borders were full of shrubs when we first moved it. We didn’t know what most of them were and we didn’t really have the time, knowledge or the inclination to maintain them properly. Needless to say, it quickly became an overgrown mess. Over the last couple of summers, we (well, mostly me to be honest!) have gradually been chipping away at clearing the garden. By the end of last summer, most of it had been cleared. I was struggling to clear some of the larger plants out though. The opportunity to try out the garden clearance service from Fantastic Services sounded like the perfect solution.

Before, during and after pictures from the Fantastic Services garden clearance

I booked a two hour garden clearance service with two gardeners. They arrived on time and spent a few minutes looking over the garden with me, confirming exactly what I wanted clearing out, before getting the tools they needed and making a start.

The two gardeners from Fantastic Services at work in the garden

I was impressed by how quickly they managed to clear the main area I wanted them to concentrate on. It would have taken me days to have done it myself. The before and after photo doesn’t really give a clear idea of how big those shrubs were though as I’d cut them back a lot last year.

Before and after photo of the overgrown area of my garden that I wanted cleared

The gardeners had enough time to make a start on the second area that I was trying to clear. They didn’t manage to finish it in the time they had. What they left was quite manageable for me to deal with though. Having had the rest of the overgrown patches cleared gave me the motivation I needed to finish the job over the weekend!

The overgrown corner of my garden - before and after photos showing partial clearance

The waste from the garden was bagged up and taken away by the two gardeners. The service includes free collection and disposal of up to 180l of garden waste. Anything over this amount is charged at £5 per bag.


I’m so pleased with the transformation in the garden. It looks bare at the moment but the plants that are left are mostly those which we have chosen and planted ourselves. There is plenty of space for the girls to play.  Hubby has plans for a shed and I’m hoping to add more roses and grow sunflowers this summer (fingers crossed they’ll be more successful than they were last year!) It feels like our garden at last.

The before and after photos of the garden showing the garden two years ago with trees and large shrubs hiding the corner and the garden now with the area in front of the fence completely clear
(top) The corner of our garden two years ago (bottom) The corner of our garden now

Fantastic Services’ range of garden services also includes garden maintenance services, lawn care, landscaping, pressure washing and tree surgery.  If you’d like to try out one of the services offered by Fantastic Services, you can receive £10 off the first booking* if you book using the code LHBL10.

Banner for £10 off the first booking* if you book using the code LHBL10.

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Fantastic Services this year and will be trying out several complimentary services in return for reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


*T&C: 10 GBP off first booking. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Does not apply for regular and one-off domestic cleaning. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage.

12 thoughts on “Fantastic Services Garden Clearance

    1. Thanks Catherine. It’s nice to have that blank canvas to make the garden our own 🙂

  1. Wow, what a difference. Our garden is a nightmare and needs striping back in much the same way.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. We have a big garden that needs cleaning up and a marsh we want to take control of. I love gardening but this is the kind of job, I don’t like so much! Just in time as this cold damp weather clears.

  3. Great job!! I had to laugh at hubby wanting a shed. My best mate wants to put in a huge shed in his garden for his bikes and exercise equipment but his wife wants something smaller so that the kids can run around better. Ha ha, the trials and tribulations. 🙂

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