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Having small children means that my windows seem to be constantly covered in fingerprint marks and the occasional noseprint. Having my mum come to stay recently was a reminder that I really needed to get the windows cleaned properly. This year I am a brand ambassador for Fantastic Services who offer a whole host of cleaning services, including window cleaning inside and out. It was a good opportunity to try out their window cleaning service.


The window cleaner from Fantastic Services cleaning the outside of my windows - "Review: Fantastic Services Window Cleaning"


Booking with the GoFantastic app

I booked the window cleaning using the GoFantastic app. This was quick and easy to use. I just entered my postcode details, set up an account and selected the service I wanted.  There were a few questions to answer about my house – what type of property it was, how many floors and how many bedrooms. I selected the time and date I wanted, entered my payment details and the service was booked.


The GoFantastic app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It shows any available deals for Fantastic Services plus there is a chat option if you have any questions. I could add the booking straight to my phone calendar and there was the option to pay by card or cash. The app also allows me to view any upcoming or past bookings with a easy click option for rebooking any previous service.


A screenshot from the GoFantastic app showing cleaning, gardening and handyman options




The window cleaning service

I’ve used Fantastic Services a few times now. One of the things I love about them is how efficient the service is. The person providing the service has always arrived on time. After a brief chat to confirm the work that has been booked, they then get on and do a thorough and efficient job.


Cleaning the windows outside with a brush on a pole


The window cleaner used a brush with a hose on a high-reach pole to clean the outside windows. The water source for the hose was inside the window cleaner’s van therefore I needed to ensure there was a parking space within 30m of my house. The outside of each window was cleaned a couple of times along with the frames and sills. The window is cleaned with purified water which should give a streak-free finish. On the whole, this was the case although I did noticed a couple of small water marks here and there once the windows had dried.


The Fantastic Services van with the hose coming out the back


Once the outside of the windows were clean, it was time to clean them on the inside. We had cleared all the window sills beforehand as requested. The window cleaner did the upstairs windows first and then worked his way downstairs. Hubby, Sophie and myself were all busy downstairs but he managed to work around us without being remotely intrusive, cleaning the windows and frames by hand.


The windows are so much cleaner and it feels like there is more light in the house as a result. I have to admit, it wasn’t very long before the children added fingerprints again though! The outside of the windows still look clean though even after a couple of days of rain.


One of my newly cleaned French windows


How much does it cost?

The charge for our window cleaning service (three bedroom end terrace, with windows cleaned inside and out) was £96.  For outside window cleaning only though, the charge would have been £66. The prices do vary by area though. We live a little way outside the M25. Checking different areas through the website gives a cheaper price in some areas within London.


For me, this is a premium service with a premium price tag. It’s not something I would book regularly given the price in my area. However, the charge in other areas is more reasonable for a regular window cleaning service so it’s well worth checking out costs for Fantastic window cleaning in your area.


Fantastic Services’ range of cleaning services also includes one-off and regular cleaning, carpet/rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning.  If you’d like to try out one of the services offered by Fantastic Services, you can receive £10 off the first booking* if you book using the code LHBL10.


Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Fantastic Services this year and will be trying out several complimentary services in return for reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


*T&C: 10 GBP off first booking. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Does not apply for regular and one-off domestic cleaning. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage.



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  1. I haven’t heard of these before but it looks like a great service. The price seems really excessive to me but maybe twice a year would be useful to have done! 🙂


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