100 kids’ activities in 2023 – an update on our challenge

We love planning activities to try and do during the summer holidays. In previous years, we’ve put together a list of summer holidays activities to help inspire us. This year we’re already part way through a challenge to complete 100 different kids activities, thanks to Sophie receiving a poster for Christmas with 100 different kids’ activities to complete and scratch off. We decided to make it a challenge to try and complete the activities over the course of the year.


I love the mixture of different activities on the list. It’s a good combination of indoor and outdoor activities, craft activities, seasonal activities, simpler activities and ones that are a bit more challenging to try and tick off.


When I last posted about the challenge, we’d ticked off 25 activities. We’re now up to 58 so are managing to stay on target to complete our challenge. Here are the activities we’ve done so far:


Our 100 kids activities chart with 58 activities scratched off - "100 kids' activities in 2023 - an update on our challenge"


1) Stay up until midnight – the first one was ticked off after Sophie stayed up to see in the New Year!


2) Learn to ride a bike – ticked off after the first bike-ride of the year as Sophie already knows how to ride a bike!


3) Bake a cake


Sophie mixing a chocolate cake in a bowl


4) Go on a treasure hunt – we did a Treasure Trail around Uxbridge.


5) Do a cartwheel – Sophie practises cartwheels regularly during her modern lessons.


6) Visit a library


7) Make up a joke


8) Make up a dance routine – an easy one for Sophie to tick off as she’s always making up dances to songs she likes!


9) Make a secret handshake – Sophie and her friend have their own secret handshake that they always do when saying goodbye at the end of the school day.


10) Go to the theatre – we’ve had a few trips to the theatre. Sophie has been to see her friends performing in panto, Mummy performing in The Drowsy Chaperone and had a Mummy-Sophie evening going to see Sister Act.


11) Do a flip on a trampoline – we had a morning at Jump-In when school was closed during the teachers’ strike and Sophie did a flip on the tumble track.


12) Play dodgeball 


13) Go to the beach – we went to the beach when we were at the Land’s End – John O’Groats weekend in Torquay in February.


Sophie and Thomas at the beach in Torquay


14) Build a sandcastle


15) Play mini golf 


16) Enter a competition – Sophie’s been competing in a few dance festivals this year.


17) Sing in front of a crowd – performing her musical theatre solo in festivals.


Sophie singing her musical theatre solo


18) Visit a castle – we visited Windsor Castle during the February half-term.


19) Make and flip pancakes


20) Learn to say “how are you?” in another language – ‘Wie geht’s?’ is German for ‘how are you?’ (Sophie already knew ‘comment ça va?’ from her French lessons)


21) Wear a fancy dress costume – dressing up as Jessica for World Book Day.


22) Make a snowman 


23) Ride a skateboard – Sophie got to do this as part of her school outdoor adventure day.


24) Complete a difficult puzzle – doing a 1000-piece jigsaw with Daddy.


25) Ride a horse – going on a short pony ride through Ruislip Woods.


26) Make homemade pizza


27) Try sushi – Sophie wasn’t keen on it!


28) Build a den – making a den in the living room.


Sophie and Thomas in a den made from chairs and a duvet


29) Cook a meal


30) Read a long book


31) Blow bubbles


32) Visit a museum – we had a lovely day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum.


33) Have a picnic


34) Climb a tree – the rhododendron trees are always good ones to climb at Black Park. Unfortunately Thomas ended up falling out of a tree and bumping his head, resulting in a trip to A&E. Thankfully he was okay.


35) Go sledging – we didn’t get enough snow over the winter to make this an option outdoors so took a trip to Snozone at Milton Keynes. Sophie and Thomas had a wonderful time sledging on the slope there.


Sophie and Thomas sledging at Snozone


36) Go to a fair or festival – we had a lovely afternoon at the fun fair.


37) Do a trampoline bungee – always a popular choice with Sophie at the fair.


38) Go fishing – we did a ‘Spring into Fishing’ family session at Northala Fields. Sophie loved it and caught a few fish. Thomas was more interested in the maggots!


39) Roll down a hill – Northala Fields is the perfect place for this with its mounds. Sophie and Thomas also enjoyed rolling down Wycombe Hill.


40) Act in a play – Sophie acted in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Beck Youth Theatre and in her end-of-term performance of Shrek with her drama group.


41) Go rollerblading


42) Make an origami model


43) Have a sleepover – Sophie enjoyed going on the Girls’ Brigade sleepover weekend.


44) Dance in the rain – Sophie was dancing with her dance school at one of the coronation events which turned out to be a rather wet day!


45) Make slime – making magnetic slime with Daddy.


46) Make someone breakfast in bed – Daddy was treated to breakfast in bed.


47) Visit a cave – we had an interesting visit to the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe.


Sophie and Thomas at the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe


48) Play frisbee


49) Visit the zoo – we had a lovely day out at Whipsnade Zoo.


50) Visit an aquarium – we visited the aquarium at Whipsnade Zoo.


51) Make your own ice lollies


52) Make an obstacle course – this was one of Sophie’s home learning tasks. She had great fun making an obstacle course in the garden.


53) Go camping – we camped out in the garden overnight.


Sophie and Thomas standing in front of a tent in the garden


54) Enter a race – Sophie came third in her sprint race at sports day and her team came first in the relay race.


55) Make a paper aeroplane


56) Have a pillow fight


57) Watch two films without a break – we watched Bugsy Malone and The Little Mermaid.


58) Grow your own vegetables – we tried growing carrots, radishes and lettuce but only managed to successfully grow lettuce.


There’s been a few things we wouldn’t have done had it not been for doing this challenge, such as going fishing. It’s really been great for encouraging us to try different activities we might not have thought to try and I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ll tick off over the summer holidays.


Sophie fishing at the lake at Northala Fields

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