Friday Focus 21/07/2023 – Emotional

This week has been quite an emotional one with the transitions that come at the end of the school year. There would have been a couple of big milestones for Jessica this week – the end of primary school days and moving up to the senior section at Girls’ Brigade. I’m grateful that both of these have been remembered and marked in small ways by others who knew and loved Jessica. Knowing that she is still remembered means so very much.


The word 'emotional'


Sophie’s found it emotional too and has been missing her sister a little more this week. We’ve been talking a lot about Jessica and about the memories that we have of her. It’s good that she is able to talk about Jessica and be open about her feelings though. She was glad that she got to wear Jessica’s leaver’s hoody for the last day of term and she drew a picture of Jessica in Year 6 and made a leaver’s card for her.


Sophie's leaver's card to Jessica with pictures of a star, leaver's hoody and a heart. The text reads "Dear Jessica. Good luck in secondary school. Miss you. Love from Sophie xxx"


I had some quiet time visiting Jessica while Sophie and Thomas were still at school. It’s easier sometimes to be able to have that time there by myself and not be distracted by anything else.


Pink and white flowers in the vase at Jessica's forever bed


I’m glad the summer holidays are here. It’s going to be a busy summer but I’m looking forward to spending time with Sophie and Thomas and doing the various things we have planned.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie holding her certificate for winning the marks competition at Girls' Brigade; Sophie snuggled under a blanket with me on the sofa; Sophie harvesting lettuce; Sophie playing guitar on stage; a smiley Thomas; Thomas looking at a receipt; Sophie in a splash park - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 29"


  • Day 195 – I am grateful for a lovely Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades awards evening. Sophie was chuffed to win the Juniors’ marks award and Jessica was remembered with love when her memorial trophy was awarded.


  • Day 196 – I am grateful that Sophie still loves to sit on my lap and snuggle even if she is getting a bit big to sit there for long!


  • Day 197 – I am grateful for home-grown salad.


  • Day 198 – I am grateful to have watched two of Sophie’s performances today – playing guitar in her iRock concert and performing in Shrek with her drama group.


  • Day 199 – I am grateful that Thomas had a good day at school.


  • Day 200 – I am grateful that looking at all the numbers on my Tesco receipt kept Thomas entertained while waiting for Sophie to finish her dance lesson.


  • Day 201 – I am grateful for the end of term and a lovely afternoon out to start the summer holidays.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Having a film afternoon with Sophie and watching a couple of my favourite films from my childhood.


  • Thomas counting down the days to his birthday.


  • Sophie being given a notebook from one of her teachers for her to record memories of Jessica. The teacher shared one of her memories of Jessica from when she first started school to start it off which was lovely.


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 21/07/2023 – Emotional

  1. how emotional. I think Sophie is a little star, both in her own right and in the way she still remembers Jessica and thinks of her big sister. She’s one amazing little girl, and I’m sure Thomas will appreciate such a caring big sister too.

    1. Thank you Anne. Sophie is amazing and it is lovely to see that she still has that connection with her big sister as well as being such a lovely big sister to Thomas.

  2. Jessica being rememberd must mean so much to you. She was such a special girl. Aww! How lovely that Sophie got to wear Jessica’s leaver hoodie. The card is just adorable.
    Fantastic photos. Lots of special moments. x

  3. I’m so glad Jessica is being remembered. I got emotional over the Levers hoodie! I love that Sophie wore it to school. It’s great that she has the time and space to remember her sister too. I hope you all have a great holiday #WotW

  4. Sounds like there’s been some poignant moments this week for both you and Sophie. Love a film afternoon although some of the films I think I’d want to show N, then end up having more swearing than I remember so we have to leave them.

    1. Thank you. It’s interesting seeing films I loved as a child now from a different perspective watching them with Sophie.

  5. It is very emotional isn’t it when they finish primary school. But even more so for you with how beautifully Sophie retains the memory of her sister. The leavers card so made is such a thoughtful gesture.

    1. Thank you – it meant a lot that Jessica was remembered and I loved that Sophie made her a leaver’s card.

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