Friday Focus 28/07/2023 – Five

We’ve had a busy week to start the summer holidays with Thomas turning five and Sophie competing in a dance festival. She’s competed in five dances this week although thankfully none of them were on Thomas’s birthday so we were able to focus on the birthday boy without trying to juggle everything else!


The word 'five' in blue


Thomas has been very excited about his birthday and has been counting down the days for weeks! He had a lovely morning opening his birthday presents and we had a nice relaxed afternoon at home playing with new toys and enjoying birthday cake. He loved his Numberblock Five cake. We have his birthday party this weekend so the birthday excitement will continue for a couple more days.


A smiley Thomas looking at his Numberblock Five birthday cake


Sophie had a good week with her dance festival, coming away with three medals. She and one of her friends from her dance school have been joining in with another dance school for their junior group dances over the last few months and it’s been so lovely seeing her making new dance friends. They’ve been such a lovely group of girls this week – supporting and encouraging each other in their sections.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and Thomas with Yeoman Morph; Sophie making a friendship bracelet; Thomas wearing a princess dress and a red wig; Sophie in her tap costume holding a 3rd place medal; Thomas's Numberblock Five birthday cake; Thomas opening his birthday presents; Sophie with two medals: 1st and 3rd place - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 30" 


  • Day 202 – I am grateful for a fun day finding some of the Morph sculptures around London.


  • Day 203 – I am grateful for an afternoon doing crafts with Sophie.


  • Day 204 – I am grateful that Thomas is quite happy for Sophie to dress him up. Lovely listening to them playing so happily together. I can just imagine Jessica joining in and giggling away with them both.


  • Day 205 – I am grateful for a good start to festival week.


  • Day 206 – I am grateful that everything is ready for tomorrow for my birthday boy.


  • Day 207 – I am grateful that my birthday boy had a lovely day.


  • Day 208 – I am grateful for Sophie having the opportunity to join in with The Yates School of Dancing for their junior group dances. It’s been so lovely to see her making friends with the others in the group and the way that they have all supported and encouraged each other this week. Getting a 1st and 3rd place medal for the group dances was the cherry on top! Thank you to all the lovely teachers, dancers and parents at Yates for being so welcoming and friendly.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie decorating a feather for Jessica to add to the angel wings at the Halo play café.


Sophie holding a paper feather with the name 'Jessica' written on it


  • Sophie and Thomas dancing together on the tap board.


  • Finding the Morph sculptures around Tower Bridge at just the right time to watch it open to let a tall boat through.


Tower Bridge opening to allow a boat through


  • A fun morning at Iver Environment Centre learning about plants and pollinators.


Thomas dissecting a flower


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 28/07/2023 – Five

  1. Happy birthday to Thomas, it sounds like he had a fab day and that cake is brilliant! Well done to Sophie with the dance festival. Five really is the perfect word. x

  2. I’m glad Thomas has a fantastic day and I love his cake. I miss making cakes like this for my kids. Sophie is going to be a famous dancer one day for sure. (Your word is 5 and mine is 16!)

    1. Thanks Anne. I noticed that we went with a similar idea for the word of the week this week!

  3. Looks like it was a busy week. Happy birthday to Thomas. And well done Sophie on her medals. Great that she was able to join in the other dance school group.

    1. Thank you – it was a busy week but a lovely one too. Sophie loved being able to join in with the other dance school – was so nice for her to get to do group dances.

  4. Happy Birthday to Thomas and well done to Sophie in the dance competition.

    Oh I didn’t know about the Morph Sculptures. Might have to do a trip to London.

  5. Happy birthday to Thomas! Sophie did great in the competition, well done! She must love dancing and it must be a delight to watch her compete as well.

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