100 kids’ activities – a challenge for 2023

For Christmas last year, Sophie was given a poster with 100 different kids’ activities to complete and scratch off. It’s a great way of finding inspiration for activities over the course of the year and she wants to see how many she can tick off throughout the year.


Sophie with the 100 kids' activities poster


There are a great mix of indoor and outdoor activities on the list. Some of them are weather-dependent, such as dancing in the rain or flying a kite. Some of them are great for rainy days – visiting a museum, going to the cinema or baking a cake. There are craft activities, such as making a birthday card, painting a picture or making friendship bracelets. Some are seasonal, such as making a snowman or going berry picking. There are quite a few that we’ve done before, although we’ve decided not to tick them off and instead try and do them again this year. The only exception to this was “learn to ride a bike” as Sophie can’t re-learn this. Instead we ticked that one off after her first bike ride of the year!


We’re now nearly a quarter of the way through the year and here are the things that we’ve done so far:


1) Stay up until midnight – the first one was ticked off after Sophie stayed up to see in the New Year!

2) Learn to ride a bike

3) Bake a cake

4) Go on a treasure hunt – we did a Treasure Trail around Uxbridge.


Thomas and Sophie doing a treasure trail


5) Do a cartwheel – Sophie practises cartwheels regularly during her modern lessons.

6) Visit a library

7) Make up a joke

8) Make up a dance routine – an easy one for Sophie to tick off as she’s always making up dances to songs she likes!

9) Make a secret handshake – Sophie and her friend have their own secret handshake that they often do when saying goodbye at the end of the school day.

10) Go to the theatre – twice so far – seeing her friends in panto and seeing Mummy in The Drowsy Chaperone.

11) Do a flip on a trampoline  – we had a morning at Jump-In when school was closed during the teachers’ strike and Sophie did a flip on the tumble track.

12) Play dodgeball 

13) Go to the beach – we went to the beach when we were at the Land’s End – John O’Groats weekend in Torquay in February.

14) Build a sandcastle

15) Play mini golf 


Sophie and Thomas playing crazy golf


16) Enter a competition – competing in a dance festival.

17) Sing in front of a crowd – performing her song and dance solo on stage at a dance festival.

18) Visit a castle – we visited Windsor Castle during the February half-term.

19) Make and flip pancakes

20) Learn to say “how are you?” in another language – ‘Wie geht’s?’ is German for ‘how are you?’ (Sophie already knew ‘comment ça va?’ from her French lessons)

21) Wear a fancy dress costume – dressing up as Jessica for World Book Day.

22) Make a snowman – thank goodness for a brief snowfall earlier this month!

23) Ride a skateboard – Sophie got to do this as part of her school outdoor adventure day.

24) Complete a difficult puzzle – doing a 1000-piece jigsaw with Daddy.

25) Ride a horse – going on a short pony ride through Ruislip Woods.


Sophie and Thomas riding ponies through the woods


So far we’ve done 25 things, so are on track to manage all 100 by the end of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing how Sophie gets on with them!


The 100 kids' activities poster with 25 activities scratched off


2 thoughts on “100 kids’ activities – a challenge for 2023

  1. These posters are a lot of fun. I am currently on with a 100 bakes one. Sophie’s poster sounds fantastic, good luck with scratching everything off. x

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