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Milestone moments: swimming, sports day and sleeping in a big girl bed

The last week has seen a couple of milestone moments for my girls; moments of seeing them taking a step forward, growing in confidence or trying something new.  I’ve found before that being on holiday and stepping out of routine can sometimes help give that push to try something new, and this has certainly been true recently.… Read more


We’ve been going to TinyTalk signing classes for three years now – Jessica first started in the baby class when she was a few months old before moving up to the toddler class shortly before she turned two. Sophie has been coming along to the toddler class with Jessica since she was a couple of weeks old and both the girls enjoy the classes immensely.… Read more

A few firsts for Sophie

Whilst Jessica loves drawing, so far Sophie’s only use for crayons has tended to be something to chew on (until Mummy is a spoilsport and takes them away). It was therefore a lovely surprise to see her sitting down at the craft table at one of the toddler groups this week happily holding a crayon in her hand and scribbling away.… Read more

To Jessica on her first day at preschool

To my darling little Jessica

Today was a big day for you – a little step into the world of independence as you went to preschool for the very first time. You looked so very grown-up in your preschool jumper – surely it was only yesterday that you were a teeny tiny baby snuggled up to me and now you’re a big girl and all excited about going to see the other children at preschool.… Read more

Sophie steps out at the park

After dropping Jessica’s health forms off at preschool ready for her to start in January, we decided to go home via the park. It had been a bit of a rainy day so the girls were all bundled up in their waterproof all-in-ones and wellies.

Country Kids 06

Country Kids 05

This was the first time we’d visited the park since Sophie has become more confident with walking so it was lovely to see her being able to explore a bit more.… Read more

Stepping out with my babies

A month ago, Sophie took her first steps on her own and now she is so steady on her feet that she walked to a baby group with Mummy and Jessica! The group that we go to on a Tuesday morning is held at a local church, just a couple of minutes’ walk away from our house and usually I carry Sophie in a wrap whilst Jessica walks but this week, I thought I’d let Sophie walk it too.… Read more

Sophie is signing


At the beginning of August, Sophie received a certificate at our Tiny Talk classes for doing her first sign and last week she received the next certificate – for being able to do five different signs. She can now wave, clap and sign ‘milk’, ‘mummy’ and ‘all gone’. Being able to sign really helped Jessica when she was a baby and reduced the frustration of not being able to communicate so hopefully it will be the same for Sophie.… Read more