Words and music – the toddler versions

“I hear sum-der, I hear sum-der

Hark don’t you, hark don’t you?

Pretty pretty raindrops, pretty pretty raindrops

I’m wet through, so wet through”

 My daughter Jessica’s version of “I hear thunder” was top of the toddler charts for much for the summer despite mostly having good weather.  She wasn’t remotely bothered by the few thunderstorms we did have – if they were during the day, she was quite happy just to watch them from the window and at night, she tended to sleep through them.  However,  “sum-der” (thunder) was one of her favourite new words from the summer.

I love the way she mispronounces words – listening to her chatter is just so beautiful. Some of my favourite mispronunced words are:

  • Ko-wa-wa (koala)
  • Ghee-ha (guitar)
  • Seben-ti-teen (seventeen)
  • Sooms (spoons)

Listening to her singing round the house is also beautiful. She loves to make up songs and will sing about every little thing she does during the day (mostly to the tune of ‘Polly Put The Kettle On’ or ‘The Wheels On The Bus’) Some of the songs are not quite so lovely from Mummy’s perspective (for instance singing ‘Hands In The Poo’ to the tune of ‘Skip To My Lou’ after being asked to keep her hands out of the way of a particularly delightful nappy change) but others are heart-melting (‘I love mummy, yes I do’ to the same tune). Precious moments.


Do your little ones have words that they mispronounce in a cute way or make up songs with cute or funny words?


Joining in with mumturnedmom for this week’s The Prompt – ‘Thunder’:


22 thoughts on “Words and music – the toddler versions

  1. So cute! I love those words and the songs she sings! I think the words they use at this age are so precious, sometimes I can hardly bear it when they suddenly start pronouncing a word correctly. Some of my favourites from my sons are ‘landydoos’ (dandilions) and dinsiraaah (dinosaur). My middle son sings all the time – it is cute and exasperating depending on my mood! #theprompt

  2. What a sweet post Louise. My 2yo mispronounces words and comes out with corkers. Makes you want to bottle it and save it for a rainy day in the years to come 🙂 #ThePrompt

    1. Thank you – oh wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bottle it? I tried and record little snippets here and there to try and save those moments 🙂

  3. Ahhh so cute! I love it when H gets words mixed up or mispronounces them. It is so very cute. And if I correct him he tells me off ha ha xx

  4. Love this! My favourite has always been ‘lillipop’ (lollipop) which my 5yo said, and ‘loopop’ which is the wee girls version 🙂 Also, both the 5yo and wee girl called their big brother Lilip, which I love too 🙂 Toddler words are the best x Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

    1. Thanks Sara – love your little ones’ mispronounced words too – especially ‘Lilip’ – Jessica used to call Sophie ‘Sofa’ when she was first born and it’s now more like ‘Fo-fie’ which is equally cute. Lovely to link up again 🙂

  5. So cute! I love Arthur’s little mispronunciations – ‘duddle’ (for cuddle) and ‘munkinee’ (for monkey) are two of my favourites. He’s just starting to learn the words to songs (in his own special way of course), and often asks for ‘row, row boat’. I especially like his rendition of Happy Birthday, which is essentially a repeat of ‘Happy to you!’ – fit for every occasion 🙂

    1. Oh ‘duddle’ and ‘munkinee’ are adorable! I love that version of happy birthday as well. Jessica is also a fan of ‘row, row’ as she calls it – although she sings ‘life is double cream’ for the last verse! 🙂

  6. That has really made my day, put a huge smile on my face. I do prefer pretty raindrops 🙂 #theprompt

  7. This made me smile because we too have lots of singing in our house, and I hear Thunder is one of them. Not sure why that song, maybe because towards the end when we say “..I’m wet thru, so are you!’ we point, tickle & giggle with the person we’ve pointed at! Singing by pre-schoolers and children is so cute especially if they don’t know all the words and they make them up as they go along. Lovely wee post

    1. Thanks Tracey – it’s so lovely hearing little ones singing especially when they make up words and find them funny! Precious moments 🙂

  8. Aww, SUPER CUTE! I love the way they talk when they’re little. My eldest used to call prawn crackers “Pawn Crappers.” We used to make her ask for them all the time (mean parents!).My middle one calls hiccups “haircups”. Love this. Made me smile a lot. x

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