Word of the Week – Heating

With the mornings starting to become quite chilly, we have now started to put on the:


I know it seems very early to be starting to put the heating back on, but Jessica’s heart condition means that she gets cold very easily and will go quite blue when she is cold, especially on her hands, feet and lips. She’s been back in winter pyjamas at night for a couple of weeks now and other than when it is really warm in summer always wears socks to bed, but over the last week, she has been quite blue in the mornings and her little hands and feet are like ice. The photo below shows the difference in colour when she is cold (and she had warmed up a bit before the photo on the left was taken) compared to her colour on a warm summer day. We’ve had a few mornings this week where we’ve had snuggles under a big thick fleecy blanket with Jessica in her lovely thick dressing gown and slippers on, with some warm milk to drink, trying to get her pinked up as quickly as possible.


Thankfully she doesn’t seem to be going through the phase of trying to constantly undress herself this year. I will never forget the shock I got one morning around this time last year when I walked into her room to find a very cold and very blue Jessica standing up in her cot in just a nappy with her onesie around her ankles.


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18 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Heating

  1. Yes, there’s been a definite chill in the air in the morning especially hasn’t there. Bless her, no wonder you were shocked to find her like that-bedtime snuggles sound like a lovely way to warm up though 🙂

  2. Autumn is on it’s way for sure, And what a lovely way to warm up with warm milk, blankets and snuggles, Perfect!, Your Little One is adorable. x #WotW

  3. Oh poppet! It is definitely colder at night. I also thought about heating yesterday, but we’ll try to wait a bit longer. I would turn it on as well if any of my little ones was turning blue!

    1. Thanks Mel – I would normally try to wait as long as possible but with Jessica, we know that we need the heating on a lot during the winter to try and keep her warm. She’s been much pinker in the mornings as a result!

    1. She was so cold that morning bless her – was nice to have snuggles whilst trying to warm her back up though. Thankfully since the heating’s been on, she’s been much pinker in the mornings x

  4. It’s definitely felt a lot cooler of an evening and first thing, hasn’t it? Yes, you’ve no choice but to get the heating on with Jessica getting so cold. My kids love taking their clothes off at every opportunity! Enjoy those snuggles 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Aww! Bless her….You have every reason to have the heating on. The blueness is just the worst…..My eldest sometimes gets a blue tinge to her lips when she’s out in the cold.

    1. Thanks Kim – I used to get quite worried by her going that blue but now I know that it’s generally due to her being cold and if she pinks up quickly with snuggles then it’s fine, but otherwise I get her checked out. Since the heating’s been on, she’s been much pinker x

  6. It’s definitely getting chillier, and it’s so important to look after your Jessica’s needs. What a shock you must have had finding in her in her nappy and no onesie! xxx #WotW

  7. It can’t be nice having to worry about whether Jessica is warm or not, but looking on the positive side, there is something nice about snuggling under a warm blanket together.

    I must admit that I do look forward to having an excuse to light the fire, but there is no need for us yet….

    Popped over from #WotW.

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