We Need A Bit Less Christmas

Last December we performed “We Need A Little Christmas” from Mame in our fundraising concert. This year, we decided to perform the same number again – with a little twist. This time, with our concert taking place in November rather than December, we decided to bemoan the fact that Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year and so I rewrote the lyrics to create our own version – “We Need A Bit Less Christmas”

We Need A Bit Less Christmas - Little Hearts, Big Love

Please stop this folly

For three long months it’s been in nearly every store

Cards, tinsel, holly

We’ve had enough, it’s getting to be quite a bore now


For we need a bit less Christmas

As it’s still November

Please stop singing carols

Wait until December

Yes we need a bit less Christmas

Hold off for a minute

It hasn’t snowed a single flurry

So why are we all in a hurry?


Put down the baubles

The time’s not right yet for all this festivity

Shepherds and angels

We really have no interest in nativity plays


For that halo’s shedding tinsel

And that star is wonky

Next month is the correct one

For singing “Little Donkey”

So hide the Baby Jesus

Put away the manger

We need a bit less Christmas now


We’re tired of hearing

That there’s just thirty-three* more days of shopping left

Santa’s appearing

He needs a one-way ticket to the North Pole right now


For we’re sick of all the tinsel

Sick of all the holly

Sick of being merry

Sick of being jolly

So please don’t put the tree up

Hold off on the turkey

We need a bit less Christmas now

Need a bit less Christmas now


I have to admit though, that whilst I prefer to hold off until mid-December to put up my tree, there is a big part of me that loves all of the build-up to Christmas, even if it does feel like it all starts a bit early sometimes!


*this was the number of shopping days left at the time of our concert.


And then the fun began...
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16 thoughts on “We Need A Bit Less Christmas

  1. Here, here! Well said Louise. I hate that the shops are full of Christmas stuff so early in the year. A couple of years ago one of our local shops started selling Christmas biscuits in August! I was horrified. I tend to keep away from the TV and the shops at this time of year. I understand that the commercial side is big, but honestly, we’ll do our Christmas shopping one way or the other. The advertising probably doesn’t sway people that much, does it? (Please say no!)

    1. Thanks Fionnuala – it does always drive me mad to see Christmas things in the shops before the summer is even over and although I love Christmas, it can all get a bit much when it’s hyped up so early on.

  2. Love it Louise! I can’t say how happy I was last year when my workplace took the radios away – there’s only so many christmas songs you can be subjected to! I now find, with blogging – if you want to review anything Christmas related you have to do it super early to get the message out in time – to that end we have already had our first visit to see Santa!! I do enjoy the build up too though – no tree til mid-December though – agreed! #thetruthabout

    1. Thanks Sam – I know what you mean about having to be early with Christmassy blogging – I feel like I’m so behind because I haven’t written any Christmas-themed posts yet!

    1. Thanks Sarah – I have to admit I do moan about Christmas being hyped up so early on and tend to resist putting the tree up until mid-December but I do love the build-up to Christmas too! 🙂

  3. You’re so clever Louise. I was singing along in my head and it was perfect! The marketing of Christmas is just crazy. I saw some Christmas stuff in a store here as soon as they’d packed the Easter eggs away!! But I think I’m probably a bit more Christmas crazed than you. I love all of the festivity. My tree is up. I’ve been singing carols. Apart from the commercial aspects I just love it all!! 🙂 #prose4t

  4. Well said. I love these alternative lyric posts – they are a lot of fun and must be quite tricky to finesse. Enjoyed this post & thanks for sharing x

  5. Yes! So true – and funny! The early Christmas build-up often gets me in a panic, I’m like, ‘what month is it? Have I missed it?!’ before realising it’s only October. Then I tend to keep telling myself it’s too early, and almost miss the ‘proper’ December build-up because of it. Now that we’ve hit Christmas month, I’m going to buy some mince pies and let myself cry at the John Lewis advert though! #Prose4T

  6. I am SO with you on this – well done, very well written! I am certain that Christmas gets earlier every year. One day we will be celebrating it all year round – and Slade will have their wish come true! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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