To Thomas… now you are three

Darling Thomas,

Today is your third birthday. I can’t quite believe that it’s three years since you made your somewhat unusual entrance into this world. Three years of loving you, my funny, cheeky, mischievous little boy. You are an affectionate little bundle of energy with an infectious giggle and you bring me so much joy (along with many moments of driving me up the wall, but let’s not dwell on those for now!)


Thomas looking at his 'alphabet blocks' birthday cake which spells out 'Happy Birthday Thomas'


I have loved watching you learning new things over the past year. You are like a little sponge, taking everything in and your ability to recall things absolutely amazes me. You are such a bright little boy and I love seeing your delight as you share the things you learn with me. Your current favourite thing is spelling out words that you have seen around you with your magnetic letters and wooden letter blocks. It made me chuckle that you were more interested in wanting to spell words with your alphabet block birthday cakes than in actually eating them.


I am often blown away with the things you are able to do. Thanks to your love of Numberblocks, you are able to add certain numbers together, count to over a hundred and have even memorised some of the times tables. You can also recognise the numbers one to ten in word form. This latest skill, along with the ability to add two single digit numbers together, has meant you can also bypass some of the parental controls on the iPad which is very impressive but not quite such a good thing from Mummy and Daddy’s perspective!


The ability to memorise certain words and spell them also means that you’ve worked out how to search for your favourite programmes on iPlayer Kids. You’re very proud of being able to “write” words and will often call me over to look at the latest words spelled out in magnetic letters with “Look, Mummy, I write…” and then tell me what words you have managed to spell out. I love the way you use an upside-down ‘i’ for an exclamation mark when needed too.


Thomas spelling out 'Costa' with his magnetic letters


You are pretty good at sleeping through the night in your own bed now, but you do love to come into my bed in the morning for snuggles and tickles. You particularly love it when I tickle you and tell you that you’re “the biggest pickle-bum in the world!” to which you always respond that you are “the biggest pickle-bum in the village” and then giggle madly when I say, “not the village! The world!!” You then ask for a “carry-you” down the stairs and will often stop me during the day to demand “give me a hug.” I love how affectionate you are, even if there are moments when I feel like a human climbing frame too!


I love watching you and Sophie together. You absolutely adore your big sister and it is lovely to hear you both giggle together and see the way you take an interest in what she does, often trying to copy her. I love that you recognise Jessica in photos and videos and that her name is one of your favourite words to spell out. I wish with all my heart that you could have known her and that you could have had fun with both your big sisters. Jessica may not have got to meet you, but she loved you before you were born and I like to think that she watches over you and loves you even if you can’t see her. You remind me of Jessica in so many ways – your smile, the way you say things, your giggle and that spark of joy that you bring wherever you go.


Sophie and Thomas sitting together with Sophie holding a picture of Jessica



A lot of this year of you being two has been spent at home with Mummy, Daddy and Sophie, but it has been good to be able to start going to toddler groups and soft play and other places in recent months. It’s been lovely to see you interacting with other children and having fun. In those moments, you often remind me of Sophie at your age – especially when you’re chasing a new friend around a room and giggling away.


You’ll be starting preschool in September and I hope you enjoy your time there as much as your big sisters did. Another reminder that you are growing up quickly and that tiny baby who spent so much time snuggled up to me in a stretchy wrap such a short time ago is now a chatty little boy who is learning new things every day. Reminding me that these days of you being little are so very fleeting and to make the most of these precious moments while you are still mine to cuddle and love.


Thomas at the table with a jigsaw puzzle


Darling Thomas, I hope that this year of being three will be full of fun. I look forward to seeing all the things that you’ll learn and discover this year and your delight as you discover each of them.


Love you millions and billions,

Mummy xxxxx


12 thoughts on “To Thomas… now you are three

  1. Happy birthday Thomas! What a fabulous birthday cake :o)

    I did laugh at Thomas’ ability to bypass parental controls on the iPad (although I can understand why you’re not impressed!).


    1. Thank you, he had a lovely birthday. I’m impressed on one level with his ability to bypass parental controls but it does make things a little more challenging!

  2. Happy birthday Thomas! I hope he has a fab time being three. Lots of exciting things coming his way, I’m sure. Did he manage to re-arrange the letter blocks without getting too sticky? #mmbc

    1. Thanks Cheryl. He only got to play with a couple of the cake blocks as we were handing the rest around much to his disappointment!

  3. Happy Birthday darling Thomas! You do look like you have fun in life and I pray you have many more years of experiencing life. #MMBC

  4. Happy birthday Thomas. How time flies. I hope he has a wonderful day.
    He really is a clever little boy. You must be so proud of him. My girls couldn’t even spell their names when they were his age. lol x

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