Friday Focus 23/07/21 – Balance

The first week of the summer holidays has been all about trying to find a balance between having fun with Sophie and Thomas whilst also managing various work and church commitments and tasks that need doing. It’s been a very busy week and while there has been the odd day here and there where the children have had a lot of screen time just so I could get on with work, there have also been a lot of fun moments too.


The word balance drawn balancing on a line


Thomas turns three on Monday and we had an early birthday party for him last weekend in Grandma and Grandad’s garden. It was such a lovely day for it and he and Sophie had such a fun time with their friends and cousins.


I surprised him and Sophie with a trip to Legoland on Monday. We used to go there a lot with Sophie and Jessica. This was Thomas’s first visit and he loved it. It wasn’t quite as busy as I thought it might be, but as Sophie’s school broke up a little earlier than a lot of other schools, it was still classed as term-time so was a good time to go.


Sophie is off on a sleepover today, spending the weekend at Auntie Loraynne’s house, and hubby is currently away until Tuesday night so it will be quite a quiet weekend with just me and Thomas.


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie on her first and last day of infant school; Thomas with his alphabet block birthday cake; Sophie blowing giant bubbles in the garden; Thomas and Sophie on the Duplo train at Legoland; a portable fan; Thomas and Sophie against a sunset sky at the park; Sophie and Thomas wearing bear ears at Tiny Talk - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 29"


  • Day 197 – I am grateful that Sophie has enjoyed her time at infant school. She was quite sad to say goodbye today. Here she is on her first day and last day.


  • Day 198 – I am grateful that Thomas had a lovely birthday party. So nice to spend time with family and friends and watch the children having fun together. Thomas loved his ‘alphabet cake’ too although was a bit disappointed to have to share the blocks around as he wanted to use them to spell out ‘Sophie’. Can’t believe my baby boy will be turning three soon.


  • Day 199 – I am grateful for water play and giant bubbles.


  • Day 200 – I am grateful for a fun day out at Legoland to start the summer holidays.


  • Day 201 – I am grateful for fans.


  • Day 202 – I am grateful for an evening trip to the park when it is cooler (and quieter!)


  • Day 203 – I am grateful that Sophie was able to come along to Thomas’s Tiny Talk class.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Having a go on the bouncy castle at Thomas’s birthday party.


Me and hubby on a bouncy castle


  • Cuddles with my great-nephew.


  • Making sponge water-bombs and having a water fight in the garden.


Sophie and Thomas throwing waterbomb sponges at each other


  • Being able to fill Jessica’s vase with flowers from the garden.


Roses, nasturtiums, sweetpeas and cornflowers from the garden in Jessica's vase


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26 thoughts on “Friday Focus 23/07/21 – Balance

  1. The balance is hard. I think most of us have had to use the TV to hold their attention while we get on with something. I bet it was great to see Legoland through Thomas’s eyes, for the first time. Good photo of you both jumping on the bouncy castle, I hope Thomas enjoyed his party and that he has a wonderful birthday. Three already! Hope Sophie enjoys her sleep over. What beautiful flowers in Jessica’s vase. You are so clever to grow a variety. #wotw

    1. It was so lovely to have a day out at Legoland although bittersweet too as Jessica loved it there too. I’ve not managed to grow as many flowers as I would have liked this year but it is nice to have a selection to choose from though.

  2. My boys used to LOVE Legoland when they were younger. It can be hard to find that balance; especially when the kids are younger but you sound like you are handling it well.

    1. Thank you – I’m trying to make sure we have plenty of time for fun to balance out the extra screen time when I’m working

  3. Sounds like even you had a fun time on that bouncy castle, lol. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.
    Looking forward to reading about your week next week.

    1. Thank you – it was very quiet with Sophie on a sleepover but nice to have her home again!

  4. Ahh! I wouldn’t worry about the screen time it sounds like you have a good balance.
    Happy birthday to Thomas for Monday. The early birthday party sounds lovely and Legoland sounds like fun. Enjoy your weekend with Thomas.
    What lovely photos. x

  5. Life can be a balancing act sometimes but I’m glad it’s all working out. I can’t believe Thomas is 3 already, I’m glad he enjoyed his party and I hope he has a lovely birthday on Monday. I bet Sophie is having a lovely time at her Auntie’s, and I hope you and Thomas are enjoying your together time.

  6. Looks like this week’s been a good one. I love a bouncy castle, but haven’t been on one in years. Glad Sophie’s time at infant school has gone well. Hope you all enjoy the holidays

  7. Happy early birthday to Thomas! How cute that he wanted to spell “Sophie” with the alphabet cake blocks. Oh and I can totally imagine having a go at the bouncy castle made you smile. I want to go on one someday too. #WotW

    1. Thank you Astrid. It did make me chuckle that he wanted to spell with the alphabet cake blocks rather than eat them!

  8. It can be so hard managing the screen time…been struggling with that! Nice to be able to go to Legoland and bonus that it was still classes as term time!

    Looks like you had fun on the bouncy castle!

    1. It is hard to balance the screen time but it does make life easier on days when I have to focus on work more!

  9. Jealous of the Legoland trip! My eldest has had a lot of screen time in the last 10 days as he’s been self isolating but I’m hoping that we will now have lots of days out and activities… #project365

    1. It’s hard to avoid it with having to self-isolate. Hope you can get to enjoy some days out and activities now.

  10. Hope Thomas has had a lovely birthday, I can not resist a bouncy castle either! The Summer holidays are always such a great time but also a complete balancing act I feel for your struggle. Just don’t beat yourself up. You are doing a great job even when it doesn’t feel like it x

  11. The summer holidays are always about finding a balance, aren’t they? I don’t think I have ever been able to and I feel like I’m still recovering. It sounds like Thomas had a great birthday and I’m glad you had a great day at Legoland #WotW

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