To Sophie on your first day of junior school

Darling Sophie,

Today is your first day at junior school. A new school, a new adventure starts today. You were excited to go off to your new school this morning; full of smiles as you saw all your friends at the gate. Waving me off as you walked in, hand-in-hand with two of your friends. I watched you from outside as you gathered with your classmates, chatting away to them; giving me another big smile and a wave as you lined up and headed off to start the day.


Sophie standing in her school uniform in the garden - "To Sophie on her first day of junior school"


Looking at you today, remembering that small girl on her very first day of infant school , I realise just how much you’ve grown. That said, you are one of the smaller ones in your class and you did look little again in amongst all the bigger children. But still, you’re not such a little girl anymore. Even in the few short weeks since that last day at infant school, there has been a little shift.


I love the little girl you are today, but I miss all the little girls you’ve been along the way. You’re still mine to love and in many ways I am still the centre of your world; still the best mummy in the world as far as you’re concerned, but I know that will shift over the coming years. For now, though, I will cherish it and be thankful that you are here to grow and thrive, because I know just what a precious gift that is.


I love that you’re excited for this next step; that you’re looking forward to being back at school and with your friends again. I love that, right now, school is somewhere where you are thriving and happy. You love to learn new things and find out more about the world around you. There are times when I can’t always keep up with your questions! Hopefully your teacher will be able to do so.


I’m glad that you have such a lovely teacher for year 3; that you have the best teacher you could possibly have for this next step. That this is a link with Jessica in a school she never attended. I know how much Jessica adored this teacher and I think you will love her too. That connection with Jessica will make this new transition easier. Your big sister would have been so excited to have you at school with her, just as you’re excited that Thomas will be joining you on the school run on Monday as he starts preschool. I hope you’ll always remember just how much Jessica loved you. I know that she is always in your heart and I’m glad that you talk about her with your friends so easily.


Hope you enjoy your first day and your time at junior school just as much as you enjoyed infant school. I’m also hoping for a more normal experience of school life for you again! I’m not sure if that will be a possibility for this year but we’ll just have to take it as it comes. For now though, go out and enjoy being back with your friends, learning new things and making me proud everyday of the kind, caring person you are.


Love you millions and billions,

Mummy xxxxx




8 thoughts on “To Sophie on your first day of junior school

  1. Beautifully written as always. I have rather wet eyes. It is such a privilege to teach both of your beautiful girls.
    Today as we played a ‘getting to know you’ game, a statement given by another child was ‘hop across the room if you have a big sister’.
    Sophie looked across at me. We both smiled at each other and she proudly started hopping across the room ❤️

  2. Louise,

    Sophie, a junior-school girl already! She’s looking very much the part. (In the 2018 first-day-at-school photo, she’s so recognisable and yet so different.) I’m sure she’s ready for this next big step.

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