To Sophie on her first day at school

Darling Sophie,

Today is your first day at school. A big step for you and one that you are ready to take. I know that you will take it in your stride and I am sure you will love your time at school. You are so confident and outgoing, as bright as a button and you love to learn. School will be a new adventure for you. You will make new friends and learn new things and I have no doubt you will have fun doing so.


Sophie in her school uniform - "To Sophie on her first day at school"


Today is a very bittersweet day for me though. There should be two little girls going off to school this morning. Your big sister would have been so proud of you, so excited to have you going to school with her. She would have taken your hand, making sure you knew what to expect and doing her best to look after you. Darling Sophie, I hope you will always know how much Jessica loved you. She was so proud to be your big sister and I am sure she will be looking down on you tomorrow.


You are already quite familiar with your new school. I have such lovely memories of drop off and pick up times. What big hugs you and Jessica would give each other at the classroom door! You will be in the same reception class as Jessica but with a different teacher. Your teacher knew Jessica though and I am sure you will be well supported in school if you have little wobbles over your sister not being there with you.


You’ll carve out your own place at school though. Jessica’s memory will live on but you won’t be in her shadow. You have so much personality of your own and are so full of character. The school will certainly know they have you, my love, but in a good way. You are full of confidence and full of sunshine and you have the ability to charm


It is a shame that your two best friends from preschool have gone to different schools. I am sure you will miss them but you make friends easily and I know you will be fine.


Darling Sophie, I am so proud of the wonderful little girl you are, your confidence and your sparkle. I know you will miss your sister as you take this big step without her, but you will do her proud today. I hope you have a wonderful first day and that learning new things will always be a bit of an adventure for you.


Love you millions and billions.

Mummy xxxxxxx

6 thoughts on “To Sophie on her first day at school

  1. I hope Sophie’s first day goes well. It must be very difficult for her to cope with the memories school brings back associated with Jessica but also forge her own path. Such a tough day for you too. Thinking of you all.

    1. Thank you Nat. She had a big wobble going in but greeted me at pick-up time with a big smile, telling me how much she loves her new school x

  2. What a beautiful post. Sophie looks so smart in her uniform. I hope the first few days go well for both of you. It will be very strange being there without Jessica and I know you will both always feel her loss. I’m sure Sophie will have the confidence to shine and the school will be there to support you all when you need it. x

    1. Thank you Sarah. Yesterday was hard but Sophie went in happily today and is enjoying it so far x

    1. Thank you Kim. She did find it hard going in yesterday but had a much better day today x

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