The #BiBs2017 nominations are open – I’d love your vote!

It’s that time of year again: the start of the blogging awards season. Last year I was thrilled that my blog was shortlisted in the Family category of the Brilliance in Blogging awards (BiBs) and I’d love to make the finalists list this year. As a result, I’m indulging in a little shameless begging – if you enjoy reading my blog, I’d love it if you could nominate me in the Family & Lifestyle category and/or the Inspire category for the #BiBs2017.

A cartoon of me holding a placard that says "VOTE FOR ME - Little Hearts, Big Love - #BiBs2017" - "The #BiBs2017 nominations are open - I'd love your vote!"


Why nominate me?

The Family & Lifestyle category is all about blogs that “share the laughter and tears of bringing up kids, inspire us to live better, or expose the (ahem) challenges of being a parent” as well as celebrating family life. This little blog of mine is all about sharing our everyday life as a heart family and raising awareness of congenital heart defects (CHD). I blog about the challenges that CHD throws our way, while focusing on positivity and just enjoying the everyday moments. My daughter might live life with half a working heart, but it doesn’t stop us enjoying family life to the full.


By sharing our story, I hope to help others feel less alone in the journey and give hope to those who are just setting out on theirs. Inspirational is a word that has been used occasionally to describe my family. In all honesty though, we’re just a family getting on with our life because that’s all we can do. I try to focus on the positives, and share a photo of something I’m thankful for each day on Instagram as part of my #365daysofgratitude challenge.


While my focus is mostly on the positives, I also try not to sugar-coat our life. I’m incredibly thankful to have my two beautiful girls but that doesn’t mean I don’t find parenthood exhausting, overwhelming and challenging at times!



How you can nominate Little Hearts, Big Love

Have I persuaded you yet? Here’s how you can nominate my little blog for a #BiBs2017 award along with the information you’ll need:


Click here to go to the #BiBs2017 nomination form and scroll within the box to fill in the nomination form. The Inspire category is at no. 6 and the Family & Lifestyle category at no. 13.


Blog name: Little Hearts, Big Love

Blog URL:

Blogger’s Twitter ID: @liquoriceuk

Blogger’s email: louise @ (minus the spaces!)

URL of your favourite post: choose your favourite or you can pick from one of the suggested posts below.



What about the other categories?

You don’t have to vote in any of the other categories if you don’t want to, but in case you do, here’s some other bloggers who are also very worthy of a nomination:


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13 thoughts on “The #BiBs2017 nominations are open – I’d love your vote!

    1. Thank you so much Fiona. So glad you enjoy my blog – I love yours and your linky has really inspired me to get out and about with my family. I keep hoping we will make it to Coombe Mill one day as well! 🙂

  1. Thank you so much for the mention sweetie. I haven’t yet done my nominations (hope I’m not too late) and you have my vote for Family xxx

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