Slow Down, Time

Slow down, time, don’t go so fast
I want to make these moments last
My little ones, so sweet, so small
Will all too soon grow big and tall
Baby at the breast, filling her little tummy
With tiny hands keeps patting Mummy
Snuggling close as close can be
Tender moments for baby and me
Toddler playing, what a happy face
For her, the world’s a magical place
So many things to see and do
How exciting life is when you are two!
Her world is full of fun and play
Discovering new things every day
But broken nights, chores, isolation
Toddler tantrums and frustration
Can take their toll; and life seems blue
The happy moments now feel so few
Yet when I’m overwhelmed, the thought:
“The days are long, the years are short”
Reminds me that this crazy phase
Of sleep-deprived, caffeine-fuelled days
Will quickly pass; and how I’ll miss
Those eager hugs, that sticky kiss
Those early words they sweetly mispronounce
The way they’re full of joy and bounce
Fairytales and bedtime cuddles
Jumping into muddy puddles
These moments when they were all mine
All too soon are lost in time
To be just memories; how far away
Will seem those happy childhood days
So slow down time, don’t go so fast
And let me make those memories last

© Louise George – 31st July 2014

Slow Down, Time - Little Hearts, Big Love
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10 thoughts on “Slow Down, Time

  1. What a lovely poem. I know that feeling of not wanting time to go too fast with little ones even though some days seem to go on forever! If only we could press pause on the lovely moments and fast forward the bad ones! My youngest is 17 months and sometimes I feel I could stare at his little chubby-cheeked little face forever. #prose4T

  2. Beautiful. You’ve captured that feeling of wanting them to stay little to last forever but at the same time being unable to wait until they’re all old enough to look after themselves so you can have a hot cuppa!
    I still don’t know where the last five years have gone! X

  3. Lovely post. It’s so hard to remember to savour the little moments before they’re all grown up. I definitely won’t miss the sleep deprivation though!

    1. Thank you – I won’t miss the sleep deprivation either but it’s easy sometimes to lose the beauty of the little moments in the tiredness of mummyhood

  4. That’s a lovely poem, so true, children grow so fast, we need to gather and experience as many memories as we can while we can

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