Me and Mine (July)

We love to get out and about together as a family, embarking on challenges which encourage us to go and explore. Over the last couple of years, our challenge was to find all the Olympic gold post boxes (and if we could get all the Paralympic ones too, then that would be a bonus – but as we started our challenge before the Paralympics were underway, we missed a few which appeared in areas we’d already visited). Now that we’ve nearly ticked off all 64 Olympic postboxes (just the Isle of Man left) and have visited pretty much all the Paralympic ones within easy reach, it’s been time to find a new challenge.

This summer’s challenge has been to visit all 50 of the book benches around London. So far we have visited 35 of them – having completed the City and Riverside trails and almost finished the Greenwich one. It’s been lovely to spend whole days together as a family and discover new things in parts of London we thought we knew fairly well. Jessica loves being outside and being able to walk about and explore and Sophie seems to be quite happy watching the world go by from her buggy. With hubby often working very long hours during the week (and sometimes weekends too), being able to spend quality time together during the weekend is really important.

Me and Mine

This month’s photo was taken whilst on the Greenwich trail at the “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” bench. A photo of us enjoying a family day out, sitting on a bench which illustrates another family on a day out, both families on the look-out for something in particular.


Linking in again with Lucy at dearbeautiful and the Me and Mine photo project:


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10 thoughts on “Me and Mine (July)

  1. I didn’t even know that these book benches exist, but what an absolutely lovely thing and such an adventure going out and finding them as a family. So lovely! x

  2. I’ve seen some of the book benches but I didn’t know they’d done a Bear Hunt one, it looks gorgeous and the perfect spot to take a picture of your adventuring family!!

  3. What a brilliant idea for adventures as a family. I didn’t know about the benches but they look amazing, hope you find them all! Lovely family photo too 🙂 #meandmine

  4. Such a lovely photo you all. I didn’t know that these benches existed, but I love the idea and might have to go off in search of some myself. x

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