Footprint Painting

A hot sunny day, two cousins staying over, paddling pool out, plus lots of paint and lining paper available. The perfect combination for some mini creation time in the garden.
Footprint painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveFootprint painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveWe spread the lining paper out in the garden, put some paint into a couple of trays and left the three older girls to it (Sophie being more interested in playing with toys on the picnic rug and trying to eat the grass each time she ventured off it).

Footprint painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveNaturally they all started with standing in the trays and then running across the paper to create footprints (or going for more of a skating motion in Jessica’s case as the paint was very slippery and her balance was not quite as good as her older cousins’). There were some lovely moments when the three seemed to work together to create patterns with their footprints and then when the paint in the trays started running low, they all got their hands in to try and get the last of the paint on to the paper.

Footprint painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveWith Jessica just in a swim nappy, there were no worries about getting paint everywhere and once they had finished, everyone got in the paddling pool and cleaned off that way! We had to add a little soap to get the paint off but that meant having an outdoor bubble bath which Jessica was quite excited about.

Footprint painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveAll in all, a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon.


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