Siblings – September 2017

After a lovely summer (albeit one where we’ve been in limbo for most of it!) we’re now back to normal routines with the girls at school and preschool. Jessica started back in Year 1 and celebrated her 6th birthday on the same day, and Sophie is now doing three mornings at preschool and staying for lunch each day. As lovely as the summer was, it has been nice to get back to routines once again. Knowing that Jessica’s heart surgery has now been postponed until early November has also meant I can relax a little. I’m no longer waiting for the call giving us a surgery date. That call won’t happen now until next month and so for now, I’m trying not to think about it and just enjoy this time with my girls.


Jessica and Sophie standing outside the front door in their school and preschool uniforms


I’ve said before about how the age gap between my girls has seemed to shrink as they get older. Over the last month, there have been moments when they seem to swap places. Sophie seems to be becoming more aware of her big sister’s special heart and the fact that Jessica often cannot keep up with her. Whereas she used to just run on ahead regardless, now she looks back and waits. Sometimes she helps encourage Jessica on.


There was one moment that made me well up in the summer holidays. We were visiting a National Trust property one day at the end of August. There were steep paths and steps leading down to the gardens. We managed to venture partway down but decided not to go any further as it was too difficult with Jessica’s buggy. It was too steep to push the buggy back up the path and so Jessica had to get out and walk. Sophie could see her big sister was struggling, so held out her hand and said “Don’t worry Jessica, I will help you. You can do it!”


Sophie holding Jessica's hand and helping her to walk uphill


This was my view as I followed behind them. I love the way they are turned in towards each other as they head up the hill. For me, this is the photo that captures their sibling bond at its best. It shows just how loving and caring they are towards each other. That view of the backs of their heads is the one I seem to see most often: the two of them, lost in their own little world together.


Jessica (6 years 0 months)

  • Had a lovely 6th birthday and was thrilled with her Go-Jetters birthday cake.
  • Was excited about starting back at school. She’s settled in well to Year 1 so far and likes her new teacher.
  • Had a check-up with the paediatrician and has gained a whole kilo since last month which is fantastic. She’s struggled with weight gain over the last year or so which was one of the reasons why her medical team decided her next op was needed.
  • Needed the buggy much more this summer than last summer. She still has a good amount of energy but gets tired easily walking longer distances.
  • Loves being back at Girls’ Brigade with her friends.
  • Enjoyed a couple of days out at theme parks at the end of the summer and is quite fearless when it comes to rides. She particularly enjoyed going on the Raging River Ride at Paultons Park with Daddy!


 Jessica and Sophie with the Gruffalo at Chessington World of Adventures


Sophie (3 years 10 months)

  • Is getting there on the potty training front now after being very hit and miss over the summer. Fingers crossed the return to normal routines helps with this.
  • Is very happy to be back at preschool with her friends and was very excited about getting to stay for lunch, especially as Mummy bought her a Paw Patrol lunchbox! It’s all about Paw Patrol in our house at the moment!
  • Loves being back at ballet and dancing around the house with Mummy.
  • Has been enjoying some one-to-one time with Mummy in the afternoons while Jessica is at school.
  • Has the most wonderfully expressive little face and has been making us laugh with her cross face and her cheeky grins.
  • Surprises me sometimes with the things she says and the information that gets stored in her little head. Last week, I pointed out that Jessica’s friend G had a blue polo shirt on because she’d moved up to Juniors at Girls’ Brigade and Sophie said “Actually Mummy, I think it’s teal.” I have to admit it was a more accurate description of the colour of the polo shirt!


Jessica and Sophie standing outside the front door in their school and preschool uniforms


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10 thoughts on “Siblings – September 2017

  1. Oh, that photo of them walking up the hill and the story behind it made me well up! Absolutely gorgeous and how lovely that Sophie is aware and sensitive to Jessica’s needs and takes supporting her in her stride. They have a beautiful bond, lovely photos x

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. They do have such a lovely bond and it is so lovely to capture moments like that one x

  2. I had a tear in my eye too reading that. I’ve found the same with my two. They help each other and the toddler helps his big sister when she struggles. Lovely photos 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday Jessica! There have been times recently when my girls roles have swapped and Alice has looked to Holly for comfort. Its so sweet and I think that will continue to happen with my two. x

    1. Thanks Laura – it has been nice to enjoy the time with the girls without waiting for the call x

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