Fun in the rain at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

One of the first things Jessica requested when we were putting together our summer activities list at the start of summer was to go to Peppa Pig World. We have been there a few times now with other heart families and the girls love it there. At the start of the summer, we thought that we would probably be heading down to Southampton for Jessica’s next heart surgery. My plan was to go down a day early so we could visit Peppa Pig World before Jessica went into hospital.


As the summer went on, we began to suspect that heart surgery would not be on the cards over the holidays. Jessica’s birthday was at the start of September. We hadn’t organised a party for her because of being in limbo about the surgery. By the time we realised that the surgery wouldn’t happen before Jessica’s birthday, it was really too late to organise a party. Instead, we decided to go to Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World as a birthday treat.


Jessica and Sophie giving Daddy Pig a hug at Peppa Pig World - "Fun in the rain at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World"


The lovely weather that we had at the end of the holidays came to an end on the day we were due to go to Paultons Park though. We woke up to a cool and drizzly day. I wasn’t too bothered. We all had waterproofs and I knew that the queues would be much smaller due to the rain.


Jessica wearing her birthday badge and standing by a Paultons Park banner


We arrived at the park shortly after 10 and made a beeline for Peppa Pig World, stopping along the way to say hello to a ray. We knew from previous visits that Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight tended to have longer queues so we went on this first, followed by George’s Dinosaur Adventure. As I’d thought, the queues were much shorter than I would normally expect at this time of year.


Jessica and Sophie with a ray at Paultons Park


While the rain meant that the queues were shorter, it did bring its own challenges with trying to keep Jessica warm. She had a long-sleeved top and a cardigan on underneath her waterproof coat, but was still quite blue and cold. I ended up having to go to the Peppa Pig shop to buy her a warm hoodie. An unexpected extra birthday present!


Jessica playing in the music area in George's Spaceship Indoor Playzone


The indoor soft play area at George’s Spaceship Playzone was the perfect place to stop for a while to help her warm up. The girls had lots of fun there. The only downside was that it was tricky at times to keep track of them both due to all the different play areas there!


Daddy and Sophie on Grandpa Pig's Boat Ride


Once Jessica had warmed up again, we headed back out on the rides. It was still raining but on the plus side the girls got to go on all the rides in Peppa Pig World without having to queue for very long for any of them.


Sophie and Daddy on Peppa's Big Balloon Ride


Jessica would have quite liked to go to Mr Potato’s playground outdoors but we decided to give this a miss. Despite the extra hoodie (and the addition of two ponchos that I found in my bag) it was still a challenge trying to keep her warm enough. Thankfully there were a couple of indoor areas, such as inside Peppa’s House where we could take shelter from the rain and warm up a little.


Jessica and Sophie looking at Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig inside Peppa Pig's House


The girls also got to meet Peppa and George and have their photo taken with them. Later in the morning, we also spotted Mummy and Daddy Pig. Needless to say, we had to get photos with them too!


Me, Jessica and Sophie with Peppa and George at Peppa Pig World

Jessica and Sophie with Mummy Pig


One downside of Peppa Pig World is the lack of a cafe with indoor seating. We were keen to try and finish Peppa Pig World before having lunch so we could focus on other parts of the park for the afternoon. We’ve often ended up spending most of the day at Peppa Pig World – but by lunchtime we had managed to go on all the rides.


Jessica and Sophie riding a car on Daddy Pig's Car Ride


We had lunch at the Wild Forest family restaurant. There was a good selection of food on offer and the price was about what I’d expect to pay in a theme park. The food also arrived quickly. Being indoors for a while and having a hot meal helped to warm Jessica back up again too.


After lunch, we stopped off at the 4D cinema. I have to admit I’m not a fan of these shows. I hate the feeling of air jets around my feet and having my seat jolted during the show. Hubby and the girls enjoyed it though.


Jessica on the spinning cup on the Victorian double decker carousel


We then went for a ride on the Victorian double-decker carousel and the tea cup ride which the girls enjoyed. Our next stop was the Rio Grande train station where we boarded the train for a little journey around the outskirts of Peppa Pig World.


Jessica and Daddy on the Rio Grande train


We headed through the gardens on our way to the next part of the park. The girls loved the Snakes and Ladders garden and the elephant with her baby hedge sculptures.


Jessica looking at the Snakes and Ladders Garden


Jessica had been asking to go on the “water ride”. I had assumed she meant the Seal Falls ride which is a water ride for small children, but no she meant the Raging River Ride which is a much bigger log flume ride. Sophie was too small for this one so I waited with her while hubby took Jessica on the log flume. She loved it so much that she would have gone on it over and over again but as she was still looking fairly blue and cold, it probably wouldn’t have been the best idea.


Jessica and hubby on the Raging River log flume ride


Both the girls had fun on the Seal Falls ride and the Digger Ride which are aimed at small children. There was just enough time left for Jessica and I to have a couple of rides on the Sky Swinger chair-o-plane ride before it was time to go home.


Jessica and Sophie in one of the boats on the Seal Falls ride


Jessica and Sophie on the Diggers Ride

The rain might have brought its challenges with trying to keep Jessica warm but it didn’t spoil her enjoyment of the day out. Both girls had a wonderful time and really didn’t want to leave. Hopefully we’ll have another day out next year – and although the shorter queues were nice, I think I’d prefer a little sunshine next time instead!


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22 thoughts on “Fun in the rain at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

  1. Aaahh we did Peppa Pig world when H was little – I remember the queues and we got in at the start (and did Miss Rabbit’s helicopter ride first!). It’s so much fun for the little ones, and you’re right, they really should have more sheltered areas there. When we went they did have an indoor play area, but that must be 4-5 years ago now. Hope they haven’t got rid of it! It looks like your two had great fun! #countrykids

    1. The indoor play area is still there – we spent some time there but having a cafe with indoor seating would be good too.

  2. Peppa Pig World looks so much fun, I’d love to go but my kids are too old now. Star was the only Peppa Pig fan and she was already growing out of it by the time Peppa Pig World opened. It’s the same story with Thomas The Tank Engine World, it was my eldest son who was obsessed with Thomas but he was in his teens when it opened. So, I’ve missed out on both.
    It looks like the perfect treat for Jessica’s birthday and I love the photo of her with her birthday badge, you can see her excitement.

    1. Oh what a shame the timings of them opening wasn’t so good for your family. Jessica loves Peppa Pig World but it is nice now that we get to explore the rest of the park too!

  3. Peppa Pig world is all after my kids time so we have never visited. However everytime I see a post from there I can see why everyone loves it so much. It is a popular day out coming and going from Coombe Mill too. A real bonus for you to enjoy the park with smaller queues, that was the thing that I hated most at Legoland. The kids look so happy but your poor husband looks like he is suffering in the rain a little. The things us parents do! A lovely way to celebrate Jessica’s birthday, although it sounds like timing on the heart surgery has been quite frustrating for you all. Fingers crossed for sunshine on your next visit and doing all the things you missed this time round.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

    1. Hubby wasn’t too impressed by the rain – he did well to manage to get through the whole day without grumbling too much about it! A sunny day would have been nicer in many ways but the short queues were definitely good!

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time despite the weather. Have to say that Peppa Pig World is one of our favourite theme parks – it’s always so clean and tidy and my 5 year old son still loves it there. Am very impressed you did the Raging River Ride – am desperate to go but TJ gets halfway up and then changes his mind! Maybe next time #countrykids

    1. It is a lovely theme park – and yes, we’ve always found it clean and tidy too. I couldn’t believe it when Jessica wanted to go on the Raging River Ride – she remembered going on it with her cousins last year and was very keen to do it again!

  5. Ooh it’s a great idea going in the rain, I think we might do that next time. Totally get why it’s a real challenge for Jessica but I’m so glad she still had a lovely day. The perfect birthday treat. The queues were huge when we last went and we didn’t get round everything so I’d be tempted to go back next September when the weather’s not wonderful!

    1. Huge queues are not so much fun. I normally don’t mind the rain at all and on a slightly warmer day we would have been fine with Jessica. She still enjoyed it though and we managed to keep her warm enough in the end x

  6. We went to Peppa Pig world when it first opened and the boys loved it. Not sure if they still remember it, but I certainly have lovely memories. This looks like great fun and the kids loved it. x #countrykids

    1. It is such a lovely theme park – glad you have lovely memories of it too. The girls always love going there 🙂

  7. Such a shame about the weather. Looks like you enjoyed it all the same. My 4 year old would love to go to peppa pig world. #countrykids

  8. looks like you all had a great day out despite the rain, I’m sure your girls will have fantastic memories. My daughter loves rides and am sure would have a great day out here, thanks for sharing your day out #CountryKids

  9. We did Peppa Pig world one Easter when it was almost freezing, and yes, the queues were reasonable! We love Paultons Park – it has something for all the family, and you can’t beat a bit of Peppa! Looks like you had a fun day and hope you dry off soon #countrykids

    1. Thank you – it was a lovely day out. Paultons Park is fab – wish I lived a bit nearer so we could visit more often!

  10. Had luck on the weather. When we were there in February it was t shirt weather bizarrely. Nice to see the gardens in full bloom rather than how we saw them.

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