Friday Focus 08/09/17 – Jessica is six

This week has been all about celebrating Jessica turning six. We would have normally had a party in Grandma’s garden but waiting for a date for Jessica’s next surgery made it hard to plan one. By the time we knew that the surgery wasn’t going to happen before Jessica’s birthday, we’d left it too late to organise a party. Instead, we enjoyed a couple of days out, having fun at Paultons Park and Chessington before the start of the new school year.


The word "six" drawn with the "i" as a candle and the "x" as the ribbons on a present


Jessica’s birthday and the start of term fell on the same day. She was quite happy to be going to school on her birthday and being able to see all her friends again. We had a little tea party at home in the evening and I think my little birthday girl had a wonderful day. She asked me at bedtime if we could have her birthday all over again the next day. She wasn’t too impressed at the thought of having to wait a whole year for the next birthday although was consoled by the fact that Christmas would happen sooner!


Jessica and Sophie outside the front door on the first day of term with Jessica wearing her "6" birthday badge


The start of Year 1 has been an exciting milestone for her too. I was a little anxious given that her teacher was new and I only met her for the first time at the classroom door when Jessica went in. Thankfully, one of the teaching assistants that Jessica had last year has moved up with her which is reassuring and it sounds like the new teacher has had a good handover with regards to Jessica’s special heart and the things she needs to be aware of. There are a couple of things which are done differently in Year 1 which have needed to be changed for Jessica but this seems to have happened quite smoothly. The school were really good last year at making sure Jessica’s additional needs were met – fingers crossed that will continue this year.



Things I have loved this week:

  • Going on a Duck Tour along the Thames at Windsor.


  • Seeing the girls have fun at a garden party hosted by a couple of hubby’s university friends.


Sophie bouncing on a bouncy castle with an inflatable pig


  • Getting to go on all the rides at Peppa Pig World before lunch – the one plus side of going on a rainy day!


Me, Jessica and Sophie with Peppa and George at Peppa Pig World




Three monster puppets made from felt, craft sticks, googly eyes, feathers, pipe cleaners and foam shapes


  • Being featured on my friend Geri’s blog as part of her Big Interview series.


  • Making Jessica a Go-Jetters birthday cake.


A Go-Jetters Vroomster cake with icing figures of the four Go-Jetters and Ubercorn


  • Dancing around the front room with Sophie.


  • Watching the girls play with Jessica’s new Playmobil hospital.


  • An accident-free day on the potty training front for Sophie – the first in several weeks. She did really well on her first day back at preschool and I’m hoping that getting back into routine will help get her back on track with this.


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 08/09/17 – Jessica is six

  1. A belated happy birthday to Jessica! Sounds like she had a lovely time, it does always seem so long to them to the next one, my two focus on Christmas, too! My boy started school two days after his birthday, but they still sang to him on his first day there and gave him a card so he was happy with that! And that cake looks fab! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Aww glad that Little Man still got to celebrate his birthday at school – how lovely 🙂

  2. Belated happy birthday to Jessica it sounds like you made it a real special one for her, I love your cake.

  3. Happy birthday little lady. My youngest is 6, it’s a wonderful age. I love the cake you made and her party sounds lovely too. It must be reassuring for you that her school are clued up about her condition and are able to make any adjustments necessary x #wotw

    1. Thanks Louisa. It is a lovely age – I love how chatty she is now. The school have been really good so far at accommodating her which is so reassuring x

  4. Happy belated birthday to Jessica. How lovey to be celebrating 6 years old. You did fit a lot in to your last week. Love the monster puppets and Jessica’s cake. Not sure who the Go-Jetters are, but it looks lots of fun. Glad to hear the beginning of term has gone smoothly. Well done Sophie for no accidents. Hope preschool continues to be fun for her. #wotw

  5. Aww! Happy birthday Jessica. It sounds like she had a wonderful time! That cake is fab! Did you have fun putting the Playmobil hospital together? It took me and my fella hours to do Ellie’s…lol
    That is great that the new teacher is aware of Jessica’s condition….It sounds like a great start to the school year. x

    1. Thanks Kim. I thought of you and Ellie when I was putting together Jessica’s Playmobil hospital – it took up most of my “free” morning before I had to pick Sophie up from preschool! Worth it to see her face when she got home though! 🙂

  6. It sounds like Jessica had a lovely birthday and has settled back into school well too. Well done to Sophie on her accident-free day, hope she is enjoying school. I love the going to the theme parks out of season, it’s so much quieter and a much nicer experience x

    1. Thanks Angela. It is lovely to go to theme parks on quieter days – I miss my days of being able to go during term-time!

  7. Happy birthday Jessica, my boys are just the same abiut having to wait a whole year for the next birthday! I an pleased to hear that going back to school is going smoothly X #wotw

  8. Ah hope Sophie had a fab birthday I love the cake and its great to get back into the school routine isn’t it ? Ah we used to have a play mobile hospital the boys spent so many hours playing with palymibile it is fab x

  9. What a day to have a birthday – I’m sure her classmates made her feel very special and then of course she had her birthday tea to look forward to! So glad Jessica had a good day and also that you feel happy and settled with her new teacher
    I really hope Yr 1 goes well for Jessica and, unfortunately, before we know it another year HAS gone by!


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