Siblings – February 2018

It’s been lovely being able to spend so much time with both my girls at home over the last few weeks. We’ve been in our own little post-surgery bubble at home as Jessica recovers, venturing out just for the preschool run or to pop to the shops at first, and then gradually managing brief trips to the park and short walks. It has been lovely to see Jessica getting better and better and she’s been doing so well, especially over the last couple of weeks.


Jessica and Sophie standing by a tree with Sophie in front - "Silings - February 2018"


After such a long separation from each other last month, it’s been good for the girls to be able to have so much time together again. They really do love each other’s company. Like all siblings, they have moments of bickering and winding each other up, but there seems to be less of this than we had before Jessica’s surgery. They will happily spend ages playing together – mostly creating their own little stories and scenarios with their dolls, engrossed in their own little world. It is lovely to listen to them chatter away to each other as they play.


As much as I’ve quite enjoyed the post-surgery bubble at home, it has been good to start venturing out more as well. Our trips out have been fairly brief ones. Sophie has been very good at slowing her pace so that Jessica can keep up, and cutting short trips to the playground when Jessica gets tired. I love watching them walking together hand-in-hand and to see the way Sophie always tries to help Jessica whenever she senses her sister is struggling.


Jessica and Sophie standing by a tree in Langley Park


Jessica (6 years 5 months)

  • Is recovering well from her surgery and starting to regain her energy levels again. She needed the buggy for the preschool run at first but by half-term was managing to walk there and back without it.
  • Has been enjoying being homeschooled while she recovers from her surgery. Hopefully she will be able to be back at school with her friends again though after her next appointment on 19th February.
  • Has enjoyed going along to Sophie’s French and toddler signing classes.
  • Was discharged from the eye hospital at her last appointment and will be seeing our local optician from now on instead.
  • Loves giving my tummy kisses and being able to talk about Peanut now that we’ve announced our news.


Sophie looking at Jessica while Jessica strikes a pose


Sophie (4 years 3 months)

  • Is now much more settled again having been a little unsettled when we first came home from hospital. Although she’d coped really well with her two weeks at Nanny’s house, we did then have a couple of weeks at home with Sophie being quite anxious if we needed to leave her for any reason.
  • Has been very good at being gentle with Jessica during her big sister’s recovery.
  • Has enjoyed having more time with her sister while Jessica has been off school and has loved having Jessica come along to her activities.
  • Loves being back at preschool and all her other activities and seeing her friends. I love the fact that everyone she talks about seems to be her “best friend”.
  • Impressed me when out on a walk when she suddenly made a beeline for a tree and pulled out a geocache that we’d found there over a year ago.


Sophie and Jessica having a hug


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10 thoughts on “Siblings – February 2018

  1. It’s so lovely that Sophie is slowing down and looking out for her big sister, very thoughtful of her. The post-surgery bubble sounds nice, lots of lovely quality time whilst Jessica gets stronger x

  2. It’s so lovely to see how well Jessica is getting on. Great that Sophie is being so supportive of her big sister as well. I hope you are feeling well with the pregnancy.

    1. Thanks Nat – they are both so lovely together and I love how they look out for each other x

  3. It’s lovely to see your girls adventuring outside and having some fun together after a rough few weeks for you. Lovely photos!

    1. Thanks Laura, it is lovely to see the ways in which they both look out for each other x

  4. Your girls are so lovely together. I bet Sophie is like a “mother hen” with Jessica, protective like Isabella is with Martha.

    Can’t wait for Peanut to arrive 🙂 I’m so happy for you xxx

    1. Thanks Gemma. They’re both quite protective of each other in different ways, it’s so lovely to see. How lovely that Isabella is the same with Martha x

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