Siblings – December 2017

One of the things I love most about watching my girls together is seeing how they disappear into their own little make-believe world together. They both love small world play and it’s clear that they are now very much equal partners in creating imaginary scenarios and playing together. They are a little team. It’s in these moments that their close bond is clear to see.


Jessica and Sophie dressed as elves and "making" wooden toys - "Siblings - December 2017"


Of course, they have moments when they fight too. That close bond that makes them play so well together, also means they know exactly how best to wind each other up too! These days I try not to get too involved. They tend to sort it out between themselves quite well and are quick to hug and make up. Neither likes to see the other upset for too long.


Jessica is very much the big sister most of the time. When she was in hospital at the end of last month preparing for her surgery (which got postponed again and is now scheduled for 28th December), she was quite concerned about Sophie going off for her sleepover with Nanny. She gave her little sister a big cuddle as Sophie was about to leave and said “Don’t cry Sophie. I want you to have a lovely time at Nanny’s and tell me all about it when you come and see me after my operation.” She has also been quite a proud big sister this month with Sophie starting Girls’ Brigade and it has been lovely to see her take Sophie by the hand and make sure she’s okay.


Jessica and Sophie in their Girls' Brigade uniforms


There are moments though when the roles reverse. Sophie is much more aware now of the little ways in which Jessica’s special heart affects her. She tends to look out for her sister and can be quite protective of her. When we had the snow recently, she took Jessica’s hand as they walked along the paths together, because she was worried about Jessica slipping and falling over.


I’ve shared a couple of festive photos this month. It’s become a tradition to take a festive-themed photo for our Christmas cards each year. This year’s theme is Santa’s Workshop. The girls had a lot of fun dressing up as elves and pretending to make toys. The photos were taken at my dining room table and the background was added in when I edited them afterwards!


Jessica and Sophie dressed as elves "making" wooden toys


Jessica (6 years 3 months)

  • Was disappointed about her hospital “sleepover” being cancelled again but enjoyed seeing Godmummy Katy.
  • Had fun taking part in her class assembly.
  • Has been enjoying looking after Sophie at Girls’ Brigade and showing her what to do.
  • Received her Silver Reading Raccoon certificate for reading 50 books. Her confidence has really improved when it comes to reading.
  • Has been enjoying practising Christmas songs for the Christmas concert at school.


Sophie and Jessica playing in the snow


Sophie (4 years 1 month)

  • Enjoyed her brief sleepover at Nanny’s house while Jessica was in hospital.
  • Has now officially started at Girls’ Brigade and was very excited about getting her uniform.
  • Enjoyed taking part in the Girls’ Brigade District Advent event and her first church parade.
  • Had a fun time at her preschool Christmas party and is looking forward to taking part in her preschool Christmas concert.
  • Loved having some snow and being able to make snow angels and snowmen in the garden.


Jessica and Sophie playing in the snow


We’ve come to the end of another year of siblings photos. It’s so lovely to look back over the year and see the little changes. Sophie seems to have grown up more quickly than Jessica this year – the two year age gap between them looks smaller than it once did. What is clear from the photos is the love that they have for each other. I hope they will always have that wonderful bond.


A year of siblings photos - "Siblings 2017"


The end of the year is an uncertain time for us as Jessica goes back into hospital. Hopefully she will be able to have her surgery this time and all will go well with it. I hope and pray that there will be many more siblings shots to come showing that lovely close bond between her and Sophie.


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

12 thoughts on “Siblings – December 2017

  1. They are both adorable…You can see how close they are just from the photos.
    hehehe. I let my girls sort out their arguments too…I’ve found if I get involved the arguments go on for longer. lol

  2. Oh I love the elf pictures but so sad the op got postponed. I bet you had geared yourself up for it and just wanted it over with.
    Lots of love. You have beautiful children x

    1. Thank you so much. It is hard when we geared ourselves up for it – hopefully all will go smoothly this time x

  3. The elf pictures are adorable. What a great set-up. Lovely to see the round-up of the year. The girls are always so cute together. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and will have my fingers crossed for 28th December. x #siblingsproject

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