Precious moments: Capturing those early days

Those newborn days are such precious ones. There is just something about a teeny tiny, brand-new baby. I love the feel of a new baby snuggled up to me; the way they’re still all curled up. I love that newborn baby smell; the snuffles and the little sounds they make and even that newborn baby cry. There is a part of me that wants to freeze this moment – this precious time of having a newborn baby. I look at Thomas and want to capture it all – those adorable milky-drunk expressions; the little sounds he makes in his sleep; those wonderful tiny but perfectly formed fingers and toes.


Me cradling Thomas's head in my hands (top) and Thomas's feet on a blanket (bottom) - "Precious moments: capturing those early days"


I can’t freeze the moment, but capturing it in photos is the next best thing. I had a lovely afternoon catching up with my friend Mel who blogs at Le Coin de Mel when Thomas was twelve days old. It was wonderful to spend time chatting and catching up and to introduce her to baby Thomas. She is a fantastic photographer and very kindly offered to take some photos of Sophie and Thomas during her visit. The photos that she took of them both are absolutely beautiful and I wanted to share some of my favourites.


Baby Thomas lying on a sheepskin rug


A sleepy Thomas


A sleepy Thomas


Sophie was quite fascinated watching Mel prepare the space for the photos and take the shots. She loved holding some of the equipment and having a go at taking some photos with Mel’s camera. At one point, she had all her toys lined up on the sofa and had borrowed my camera to take photos of them all.


Sophie holding on to Mel's reflector


I love how the photos capture just how tiny Thomas is. He weighed about 5lb 8oz at this point. He’s still in tiny baby clothes at the moment as most of the newborn clothes are still quite big on him. One of the things I love about him being so tiny is how it makes the newborn stage feel like it lasts just a little bit longer. Now if I could just have this newborn stage with a bit more sleep, that would be better still!


Me cradling Thomas's head in my hands


Me holding Thomas's feet


Thomas's feet on a blanket


The photos also capture that beautiful bond between Sophie and Thomas. She absolutely adores her baby brother and loves being a big sister. She loves to cuddle him and stroke his hair although can be a little heavy-handed at times! It is wonderful to watch her with him. It reminds me so much of how Jessica was when Sophie was a baby. Sophie is certainly following in her big sister’s footsteps and showing similar big sister qualities.


Sophie lying next to Thomas and giving him a cuddle


Sophie lying next to Thomas on a sheepskin rug


I also love how Mel has captured Sophie’s cheeky personality in the photos – the sparkle in her eyes and her beautiful sunny smile.


A smiley Sophie


Thank you so much Mel for a lovely afternoon catching up and for capturing such wonderful photos.


A sleepy Thomas lying on his front

6 thoughts on “Precious moments: Capturing those early days

  1. Aww what gorgeous photos Louise. You take stunning photos of the two of them yourself as well so it must have been lovely to let someone else capture them this time. It’s lovely that Sophie and Thomas are bonding so well and I am sure Jessica is watching over them both too.

  2. It was such a pleasure to take photos of your little ones. Sophie was a great little helper d I loved spending the afternoon holding Thomas and playing some music in Sophie’s band. She’s such a strong, funny and sparkly girl and I loved her enthusiasm about music, photography and how welcoming she was as soon as she opened the front door for me. I also love those newborn days, the baby smell, the milk drunkenness (Thomas was so cute when he was full of milk!). Most of all, I was honoured you invited me into your home with a brand new baba, even before his due date . It was a perfect afternoon and I hope we get to see each other soon. It’s good for the soul to see friends and have a good catch up. Love you lots. Xxx

    1. Thank you Mel, it was such a lovely afternoon and I was so glad you were able to meet Thomas. Definitely will have to have another catch-up again soon x

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