#365daysofgratitude – Week 33

For the last two years, I have taken part in a daily gratitude challenge – sharing one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. It’s taught me to look for the little things and has made me a more positive person. It has not always been easy to find something to be grateful for each day though, especially since losing my beautiful daughter Jessica in April. Jessica’s zest for life, her strength and the joy that she gave to all who knew her have always inspired me. I continue with this challenge every day in honour of her.



Day 224 – I am grateful for the little loving sibling moments.

Day 225 – I am grateful that the swing is down from the loft so I have somewhere to put Thomas down when I need to do things in the kitchen.

Day 226 – I am grateful to have received my grief journal created by Chasing Dragonflies. Love the way it is laid out and all the space for recording thoughts and memories and hopefully this will help me process my thoughts and feelings each day.


Sophie stroking Thomas in his Moses basket; Thomas in his baby swing; the 'Life Without You' grief journal; my twin sister, nieces, Sophie and Thomas with Jessica's photo cushion; me wearing hubby's waterproof coat with Thomas underneath in the sling; my 'Jessica has a heart operation' and 'Jack has a heart operation' books; me, hubby, Sophie and Thomas on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure - "#365daysofgratitude 2018 - Week 33"


Day 227 – I am grateful for a lovely few days having my twinny and nieces come to stay.

Day 228 – I am grateful for hubby’s old waterproof coat – perfect for keeping both me and Thomas dry in the rain.

Day 229 – I am grateful that my books have now been printed and are available from Little Hearts Matter to help other heart families whose children are about to undergo surgery. Jessica loved her book so much and it really did help prepare her for her Fontan. I hope other children find them as helpful as she did.

Day 230 – I am grateful for a fun day out at Chessington. Thomas slept through his first ride on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure.


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