Me and Mine – September 2017

Family moments have been few and far between this month. September marks the start of hubby’s busy period at work. We had a short period of family time at the beginning of the month, when we celebrated Jessica’s 6th birthday, but since then hubby has been either away working or working crazy hours.


We’ve become used to it just being me and the girls. Of course they miss Daddy though. They always count the sleeps until he comes home again but they cope well with him having to be away. I’ve also got better at adjusting to solo parenting. It helps being back at school again and back into a regular routine though.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie against a Peppa Pig castle backdrop with Princess Peppa and King Daddy Pig - "Me and Mine: September 2017"


I had to get my Me and Mine photos early this month, given hubby’s crazy work schedule. We enjoyed a family day out together at Paultons Park as part of Jessica’s birthday celebration and got a couple of family photos taken there. They’re not the best photos of us, but they certainly sum up the day. We all look a bit like drowned rats in the photo studio shot with the castle – but with big smiles on our faces too. It wasn’t the best weather for a day out. On the plus side the queues were short as a result and the girls still enjoyed it!


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie in a yellow car at Peppa Pig World


Next month is also a busy one for hubby. It’s always the way this time of year. We just have to make the most of the family moments when they come along. With Jessica’s next heart surgery still on the cards, they feel even more precious. We’ve not yet received a new date, but we’re not expecting the call giving us a date until around mid-October.


I’ve been able to relax a little this month knowing that we weren’t about to get that phone call. I’ve enjoyed the time with my girls and mostly managed to push away the anxiety about the coming heart surgery. Once we get that date though, it will all feel very real again.


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8 thoughts on “Me and Mine – September 2017

    1. Thanks Nat. It can be difficult although I get used to it now. It helps having a little bit of me time while the girls are at school and preschool x

  1. It must be hard having him away so much and solo parenting. I can just about cope for 2 nights and then I desperate for some support. I hope that you are getting some time for you when the girls are at school and preschool x

    1. It is hard although I get used to it quite quickly now. Having some me time while the girls are at school and preschool does help and my mother-in-law is also 5 minutes away if I do need extra support x

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