Friday Focus 29/09/17 – Mixed moments

It’s been a bit of a mixed week this week. There have been some lovely moments. We’ve enjoyed having some sunshine and warmer weather and getting out and about. I’m loving the changing colours of the trees and collecting conkers. The shift from summer to autumn though is always a sharp reminder for me of how quickly time passes and how fast my girls are growing up.


Mixed - this week's word of the week



Sunday evening brought a very sharp reminder of that when Jessica suddenly presented me with a tooth. She’d said that it was wobbly, although it hadn’t seemed particularly wobbly to me and I’d thought it was just wishful thinking on her part. Clearly it wasn’t though! She was very excited about losing her first tooth and the prospect of a visit from the tooth fairy, especially as she was the first one in her class to reach this particular milestone. While it was lovely to see how excited she was, it was a bit of a bittersweet moment for me. I wasn’t quite ready for that moment, that little reminder that she’s growing up so quickly. I wasn’t ready for her smile to start to change. I have to admit I was glad it was a bottom tooth and not a top one in that respect!


Jessica with a gappy grin after losing her first tooth



The autumn also inevitably brings various bugs too. Jessica seemed to be coming down with a cold on Sunday afternoon and spent most of the afternoon snuggled under a blanket on the sofa. She seemed much better on Monday morning though, so went off to school as normal.  At lunchtime, I had a phone call. Jessica was cold and blue and they couldn’t warm her up.



Thankfully her school is very close to our house so I was able to be there within a few minutes. She was certainly very blue and shivery thanks to a raging temperature. Once she was wrapped up in blankets at home and given some Calpol, her colour started to improve though. Fortunately, our GP surgery and local pharmacy are also very close to our house. I managed to get an emergency appointment and she was diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. A day off school on Tuesday helped her to recover and by Wednesday she was much better and back at school.



Hubby is also back again this week after being away working on an event last week. He’s still very busy at work so we haven’t seen a lot of him, but it is nice to at least have him home again!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Catching up with a friend over copious amounts of tea while watching our girls having fun in the soft play.


  • Making the most of a sunny autumn afternoon by going on a lovely long walk through the woods.


  • Making nature pictures with the autumn leaves and conkers collected on our walk.


Jessica's leaf fairy picture

  • Seeing how excited the girls were at Strictly being back on and watching them dance around the room trying to copy the dances.
  • Giving Jessica her first piano lesson.


Jessica having her first piano lesson


  • My new business cards arriving ready for #BML17


  • An afternoon at Denham Country Park and getting the play area to ourselves for a while.


Sophie playing with the musical tubes in the play area of a local country park


  • Bumping into a friend and finally arranging a proper catch-up.


  • Finding some geocaches while out and about getting to various appointments and activities.


Jessica and Sophie with a geocache


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22 thoughts on “Friday Focus 29/09/17 – Mixed moments

  1. Oh poor Jessica, I’m glad she’s feeling better now. Other than her illness it looks like you’ve had a lovely week x

  2. A very mixed week for you. I’m glad Jessica’s feeling better now. It does bring home to you how much they’re growing up when these little milestones hit, I can relate to that. Glad you’ve had some fun, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Louise,

    Autumn colours, but also autumn bugs. It’s good to hear that Jessica needed only one day off school. Having home, school, GP and pharmacy all near each other must be very reassuring for you.
    Your photo of Jessica’s first piano lesson reminded me of the Tom & Jerry cartoon in which Tom learns to play the piano in six lessons, starting with a single note. It may take a little longer IRL. ;0)

  4. We are still awaiting our first loose tooth, Jessica must have been so excited. I hope she’s feeling much better now. We love doing nature pictures, we were supposed to go on an Autumn hunt today but have been rained off. Hope you have a fab weekend at Britmums x

  5. It was so lovely to see you at BML but a shame we never had much time to chat, the boy used to me so thrilled when they lost a tooth, I hope Jessica is feeling better x

    1. Lovely to see you briefly too – the day just seemed to fly by. I didn’t get to chat to anywhere near as many people as I would have liked!

  6. They sure do grow up quickly. Pleased to read that the illness didn’t last long and that hubby is around. It’s been a little while since we have found geocaches as a family and I’m itching to get out and about again. #WotW

    1. They certainly do! We’ve enjoyed finding some geocaches here and there – never quite manage a proper trail but nice to find the odd one. I’ve started to get into puzzle caches now although I don’t have a clue where to even start with most of them!

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