Me and Mine – June 2016

This time five years ago, right at the start of our journey as a family, we took a very big step.  A step into the unknown, a leap of faith taken in the hope of being granted the miracle we had been praying for.  Our baby girl underwent her very first surgery before she had even entered the world and it was this surgery that gave her a chance of being able to cope with all the surgeries that have followed it.  It is amazing to be five years on from that day with a little girl who is doing incredibly well and to also have been blessed to have a second beautiful girl who is heart-healthy.  Where we are today as a family is somewhere I could hardly have dared dream of on that day five years ago.

A family photo taken at Cadbury World - looking over the last month and reflecting on our journey over the last five years for the Me and Mine Project

This month has seen a return to hospital for Jessica’s cardiac catheter procedure – the first step to planning her next surgery.  She coped amazingly well with the procedure and we were thrilled to receive a letter earlier this week which informed us that the team are not planning any surgery for the next year or two.  I have spent the entirety of this year with a big cloud hanging over me, thinking that surgery would probably take place before Jessica starts school in September. To know that we can relax and enjoy a normal family life for a while longer, to be able to enjoy the summer together without the fear of surgery looming on the horizon is the most amazing feeling.

Meeting Bob the Builder at Butlins

We thoroughly enjoyed our family holiday earlier this month – our last term-time holiday before our big girl goes to school.  We had a weekend in Birmingham followed by a week at Butlins and had a wonderful time.  For me, the best thing about family holidays is seeing the girls having fun and enjoying themselves and they certainly did that.  They loved the shows in the Skyline, meeting various characters and all the rides in the Tots Funfair and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  This month’s photos are from the photoshoots with various characters from our holiday, capturing those happy family memories that we made together.  They’re also now part of a series of similar photos on the fridge (the last ones being from our Butlins holiday before Sophie was born) and I love looking back over the various photos and seeing how our little family has changed over time.

Posing with the Skyline Gang at Butlins

The four of us together in June, creating happy memories and being incredibly thankful for the opportunity to do so.


The Me and Mine Project

16 thoughts on “Me and Mine – June 2016

  1. Oh what an emotional journey you have all been on. I’m so very glad to hear Jessica is doing so well and that she has come so very far already. That’s fantastic news that Jessica doesn’t need to have anymore surgery for the next two years! Fantastic me and mine pictures hon.xx

    1. Thank you – it’s such a relief to be able to stop worrying about the surgery for a little longer x

    1. Thanks Caroline – it’s such a relief to be able to stop worrying for a while and just enjoy the summer 🙂

    1. It has been quite a journey but so nice to be able to look forward to the summer now without the thought of surgery hanging over us x

  2. What a lovely fun set of photos! Sounds like the girls had a ball at Butlins. I’m so pleased the catheter procedure went well and that you got the news that you’ll have a few years before any more surgery – it must feel like such a weight off your mind just to be able to postpone it a little bit longer. #MeandMine

    1. Thanks Katy – it is a huge weight off my mind, so looking forward to being able to enjoy the summer now 🙂

  3. Oh it looks like you’ve have a month of fun memories from these photos. And I’m so pleased to hear that your big girls surgery went so well, that must be such a relief. x

    1. Thank you Lucy – it’s been a lovely month overall and yes such a relief to get good news about Jessica’s surgery 🙂

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