Me and Mine – July 2017

This summer is going to be all about making the most of the family moments. We ended last month with a cardiac check-up for Jessica which led to her cardiac team deciding that her next surgery needs to take place sooner rather than later. August may well bring another hospital stay, and the rollercoaster ride that comes with a major heart surgery.


At the moment, we can’t quite see beyond next week. We have a meeting with the surgeon on Wednesday and will hopefully have a better idea of when the surgery is likely to take place after that. We know that Jessica’s particular set of heart defects brings increased risks for this surgery. As much as we’re trying to stay strong and hold on to our faith, we are also scared.


A totem pole family photo - me at the bottom with Sophie on my shoulders, then hubby with Jessica on his shoulders


We’re back to living day-to-day and making the most of the moments. Realising once again just how precious family time is. At the back of my mind is that constant fear once again. Trying to enjoy the moments we have now and constantly praying that we will have moments like this again the other side of the heart surgery. Moments that make me realise how fragile life is; how we shouldn’t take things for granted. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we hope and pray with all our hearts that everything will go well.


It’s times like this that I am especially thankful for the love, support and kindness of friends and family. We met up with friends from university yesterday. My friend Zoe is an outdoor children’s and family photographer, who is based in Essex. As well as having a lovely catch-up, she also spent time capturing some precious family moments – photos of the girls having fun and some of the four of us together. I’ve seen a few preview shots and the photos are absolutely stunning. They’re some of the most beautiful photos of my girls I’ve ever seen. I’m so thankful to have those moments captured.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie sitting on a log in Denham Country Park
With thanks to Zoe Liddiard Giles Photography. Shared with permission.


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14 thoughts on “Me and Mine – July 2017

  1. Oh they are both lovely shots, the first is so fun and the second just so beautiful- I hope the news this week is positive and I’ll be praying that you find serenity in all the unknown and upheaval x

  2. What a gorgeous photo of you and your family. It sounds like you will have a really tough month ahead. You are in my thoughts and I hope this coming month will treat you kindly.

  3. Oh what beautiful family photos and that last one I hope you framed for your home. It’s such a beautiful snap and you all coordinate so perfectly. #meandmineproject

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