Me and Mine – August 2016

I can’t quite believe we’re at the end of August.  The summer holidays have whizzed by far too quickly for my liking.  In just under a week’s time, my big girl will start school and celebrate her 5th birthday.  This summer has felt incredibly precious – making the most of this time before Jessica takes another little step into being more independent from us.  It feels like she has grown up so much over the summer – that little girl who left preschool just a few short weeks ago has become more confident, more self-assured.  I know she is ready; she is excited and looking forward to starting big school.  Me – less so. Trying to cling on to that little girl who is still all mine and yet knowing that I cannot hold her back; that I cannot slow time or pause it.  I have no doubt that she will love school and that I will adjust and life will settle into a new normal.  But I will be cherishing these last few days before our little world changes.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie standing at the Land's End signpost with the text "Me and Mine - August 2016"


One thing is certain – we have made the most of this summer.  There have been so many happy moments, so many memories made.  It has truly felt like a golden summer – when I look back over it, I see sunny days and adventures and hear my children laughing and having fun.  We have spent plenty of time together as our little family – and enjoyed time with our extended families too.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie standing in front of the signpost at John O'Groats


This month’s photos had to be from our big family adventure this summer though – the challenge to go from Land’s End to John O’Groats on public transport.  Four days of travelling by train and bus with two small children in tow – there were times in the run-up to it where we questioned our sanity and wondered what we were letting ourselves in for.  It ended up being a lot of fun.  Jessica and Sophie coped amazingly well with the long train journeys and on the whole seemed to enjoy the adventure very much.  One of the nicest things about being on a train for several hours with patchy phone and wifi reception was being forced to go offline – to focus on just being together – playing board games, I-Spy, reading stories to the children, having cuddles.  Simple moments of quality time together.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie next to the End to Enders sign at John O'Groats


A summer of adventure, quality time together and creating wonderful memories to look back upon.  What more could I have wished for?


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10 thoughts on “Me and Mine – August 2016

  1. It feels like only yesterday I was reading your list of things you wanted to do this summer! Where’s the time gone?!! But what a wonderful and eventful summer you have all had. It has been great reading all about it.
    It must be such an emotional time with Jessica starting school. Pride and excitement yet anxiety and nostalgia. Wishing you all the best with the start of a new adventure x

  2. We are here now. My 3 start school in about 2 hours. 🙂

    Despite some bad weather we made the most of the summer too with 3 major trips away and a couple of day trips thrown in for good measure. We had birthdays, play dates, movie evenings when the weather was bad and a whole load of other fun. That said I am happy to slip back into the scchool routine. 🙂

  3. I just love your family adventures – I would love to do something like that but I don’t think I am brave enough to just get up and go! Maybe one day! G is starting on Monday too – definitely agree the summer has gone too quickly. #MeandMineProject x

  4. I’ve loved seeing all of your family adventures this summer, and I’m completely amazed by your biggest adventure – what an achievement to look back on! I hope you all enjoy the last few days before Jessica’s next adventure starts! #MeandMineProject

  5. Oh wow what a fabulous adventure! It sounds like so much fun and makes your family portraits this month all the lovelier! What a great experience for the girls, it’s certainly going to give Jessica something to break the ice with that first day in Reception!

  6. Fantastic family photos to remember your awesome family adventure! Congratulations for completing the challenge. I’m sure you made so many memories along the way. #meandmineproject

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