Me and Mine (September)

We’ve not had a lot of opportunity for family time this month as September is a very busy month for hubby with events and it feels like we have seen very little of him throughout most of this month. The girls have missed seeing their daddy although we have Face-Timed a couple of times and I send daily photos of the girls whenever hubby is away.

2014-09-06 at 15-58-17

I’m glad we did manage to get some photos of us all as a family this month though – these ones were taken at Jessica’s third birthday celebrations earlier this month. It seems only yesterday that Jessica was a teeny tiny baby and now she is a chatty three year old with a baby sister who turns one next month! Where has that last year gone?!

me and mine

Linking in again with Lucy at dearbeautiful and the Me and Mine photo project:


dear beautiful

14 thoughts on “Me and Mine (September)

  1. They grow up so quickly, don’t they? Lovely pics. That little pram the girls have is fab!

  2. Aww they’re lovely pictures and the birthday girl looks like she had a wonderful time!

  3. Ahhh, lovely photos, I hope you all have a lovely time celebrating your three year old. These birthdays come round faster and faster don’t they? My littlest just turned two and it feels like she was just born. x

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