Me and Mine – March

This month has been one which has seen hubby working away a lot again but we have managed some lovely moments of quality family time in between all the various events that he has been working on.

Me and Mine (March) - Little Hearts, Big Love

We had a lovely day as a family at the Little Hearts Matter open day and it was so good to spend time with other heart families and chat to them. We met a couple of families who have a heart child at a similar stage as Jessica with the next stage being considered and sharing those concerns and fears with other families who have travelled similar roads to ours is very helpful. Meeting other families who have older heart children, seeing young people with the same condition as Jessica who are going off to university helps give us hope for the future.   We also got to have a fun photo taken together as a family which captured a lovely moment.

The Friday Focus 27/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The other photos from this month were taken at a friends’ wedding which we recently attended. It was a beautiful day and one of the nicest and happiest weddings I have ever been to – there was so much love, joy and happiness in the room that was wonderful to see. Weddings always make me stop and think back over my own wedding day – the joy that I felt that day, and thinking about the vows we made. Thinking back about becoming husband and wife on that day and our journey of becoming a family in the years that followed. It made me realise once again what a blessing my husband and two beautiful girls are and how thankful I am for them.

Me and Mine (March) - Little Hearts, Big Love

There was a ceilidh in the evening and we stayed for a couple of dances. The girls were both fascinated by all the people dancing and wanted to join in and so we found a quiet corner and did a little bit of ceilidh dancing just the four of us. It was such a beautiful happy moment – the girls were having a wonderful time and both hubby and I love being able to dance with them. Jessica even managed to do a fairly passable Gay Gordons which I was very impressed by!

Me and Mine (March) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Hubby is off work for the next week and I am very much looking forward to spending quality time together as a family over the next few days and just enjoying that time together.

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38 thoughts on “Me and Mine – March

  1. Aww lovely photos. I think the ME and mine is a great idea. I hope you enjoy your week together as a family and it stops raining! ️Xx #twinklytuesday

    1. Thank you – it’s so easy to forget – the linky is such a good way of making sure that I’m not always behind the camera!

  2. My husband is away a lot too. The plus side is that it really does make you appreciate that time as a family all the more. He’s just been off for the last 2 weeks. We haven’t done anything particularly exciting, but it’s been really special, just being the 4 of us. Have a lovely week. #TwinklyTuesday Over from

    1. Thank you – it does make you appreciate time together more. Glad you’ve been enjoying some family time too 🙂

  3. Ahh glad you got to get together to capture some family photos. We had the same problem with being away and hubby then away so it was hard to get us all together. Lovely captures. And so fun too! #meandmine

  4. Oh I love the photobooth picture – it’s just wonderful – especially that purple wig! And yay for having squeezed in a bit of time to get photos of the four of you at such a happy time!

  5. I love the photos =)
    It’s so nice you have photos of the four of you as a family, I don’t think there are any photos of Boo, my husband and I other than 1 that my mum took when Boo is about 2 weeks old. Hmm this is something I am going to have to change!!
    It must be hard when your hubby is away, I don’t like it when mine works a bit late or is on call over the weekend/evenings!! I should think myself lucky!

    1. Thanks Jenni – it is hard when hubby is away but it does make me appreciate the time we have together even more.

  6. Lovely family shots! We must do more, but often one of us is holding the camera and I forget to ask other people. I love a good ceilidh- can’t wait until my tot is old enough to take part. It’ll be a first for me wife too!

    1. Thank you – I’m usually the one behind the camera so it’s nice to be prompted to get a photo of all of us together 🙂

  7. Such lovely photos 🙂 it’s lovely to get some family photos. I don’t think I have any photos with both my mum and dad in, they both photos so much! #thankfulthursday

    1. Thank you – the linky is a good reminder to make sure we try and get some photos with all of us in 🙂

  8. Beautiful shoots definitely worth getting them up on the walls. And it must be so encouraging hearing other peoples positives stories of their own experiences with heart conditions, I can imagine must worry naturally but to have an additional need you do a top class job of a mother

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