Me and Mine – July 2021

This month has brought with it a lot of reminders of how quickly time passes by and how precious those childhood moments with my children are. Sophie has finished infant school; Thomas has turned three. These milestone moments bring so many emotions with them. I’m proud of these two little ones and the wonderful people they are and are becoming. But I wish so much that Jessica could be part of these moments too; that we could also be having the joy of watching her grow and learn new things and be part of the celebrations and transitions.


Hubby with Thomas sitting on his lap, Sophie (holding a photo of Jessica) and me out in the garden - "Me and Mine - July 2021"


I’m thankful that Sophie made it to the end of term and was able to enjoy her leavers’ celebrations without her year bubble popping. I’m thankful that we had gorgeous weather for Thomas’s birthday party and that we were able to celebrate it with family and friends. I’m thankful for all the little normal moments that we are able to experience again and while we’re not yet out of the woods with regards to the pandemic, things certainly feel a lot more hopeful.


Hubby (holding a photo of Jessica) with Thomas sitting on his lap, Sophie and me out in the garden


It’s been a bit of a manic month with hubby working away at various points during the month. As usual, we’ve left it to the last minute to grab our monthly family photo and had to settle for a few quick snaps out in the garden. Sophie was quite keen to do a funny face one at the end!


Hubby with Thomas sitting on his lap, Sophie (holding a photo of Jessica) and me out in the garden pulling funny faces


I’m looking forward to a bit more family time together over the summer. I do love being able to have that time with the children and to enjoy adventures together. Our family life might never be quite as we would want it to be, but we’ll keep doing out best to make the most of the moments we have and enjoy them as best we can.

6 thoughts on “Me and Mine – July 2021

  1. Sending love and hugs. Whenever I read that Sophie or Thomas has hit another milestone I think of you and feel sad that Jessica hasn’t. She would have been an amazing big sister.
    It is wonderful Sophie made it to the end of term and Thomas had a fab birthday.
    Lovely photos x

    1. Thank you Kim. Jessica would have loved being part of all these little moments. She was an amazing big sister to Sophie and would have been just as brilliant with Thomas x

  2. Beautiful photos! I’m so glad that Sophie managed to get to the end of term, it was such a stressful time! Have a wonderful summer 🙂


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