Me and Mine – July

I am at my most content when spending quality time with my family, going off on adventures together and making happy memories. Being on holiday together, with very limited internet connection, was blissful. It is so easy to get distracted by social media and the blogosphere, and whilst I love it, it has a tendency to take me away from my family and shift my focus away from the little moments. The lack of internet connection forced me to take a proper break and step away from the computer, from the blog and be completely present in the moment.

Me and Mine (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

One of the biggest gifts the break gave me was sleep. Instead of sitting up and writing a blog post, I enjoyed snuggling up with my girls as they both drifted off to sleep and gave in to it myself. The huge bed in the cottage we rented became a family bed for the week – and we slept better for it, all four of us snuggled up together.


As well as being all about enjoying the little moments as a family, our recent holiday has also been all about completing challenges. Our incentive for visiting the Isle of Man was to find the final Olympic gold postbox and complete the challenge that we started nearly three years ago.

Finding our final gold postbox - Me and Mine (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

The end of the holiday saw us complete a much more recent challenge – to visit all the Shaun the Sheep sculptures that have been appearing in London and Bristol this year. We found all 50 London ones back in May, and 65 of the 70 Bristol ones earlier this month on a weekend away. Naturally we couldn’t resist travelling home via Bristol to find the last five and finish the challenge.

Enjoying our Shaun the Sheep hunt - Me and Mine (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Two challenges completed and whilst no doubt we’ll find ourselves another challenge to take on board, for now, it’s time to just relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Me and Mine (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

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22 thoughts on “Me and Mine – July

  1. Your break really sounds like bliss. What really made me stop was your comment about really enjoying the moment. You’re right sweetie. When you blog, you cannot help but think about your next post, spend the night writing or take photos for ‘just one more post’. I will be giving myself a couple of weeks to step away from my blog as well. No Internet access or posts I am planning to write. xxx

    1. Hope you enjoy having a complete break too. I don’t think I would have stepped away fully without having been forced to do so by the lack of internet but it was just what I needed x

  2. I am so with you, voting places with our little family are absolutely my favourite times. Like you we didn’t have the best connection on holiday and it was lovely having a breather from blogging… Am actually finding it difficult to get back into it properly too! Lovely shots and congrats for completing your challenges, glad you had such a lovely holiday too xxx

    1. I know what you mean about finding it hard to get back into blogging after a break but it is so nice to have that time out too isn’t it? x

  3. This is such a beautiful post – and it looks like you have had some real quality time with your family. Well done with the Shaun the Sheep trail – I LOVE the bagpuss one, that is wonderful. Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. Looks like you all had such a great time together and what great family captures. Have a lovely weekend hun and thanks for linking up #meandmine

  5. Aww I love that your holidays found you the last postbox – and yay for finishing the Shauns too – I think they’re amazing!

  6. Phew! Amazing achievements to complete the gold post boxes and the sheep challenges. Well done! Such fun photos for #meandmine Enjoy relaxing for the rest of the summer. I look forward to hearing about your next challenge!

  7. Sounds like the holiday was just what you needed. It is so nice to get away from everything and just be. What fantastic challenges to do. Well done for finishing them! The photos are lovely. I know I treasure my holiday snaps!

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