Me and Mine – February 2022

February has been a bit of a rollercoaster of a month overall. There have been some lovely family moments together but also moments of feeling anxious or overwhelmed. World events over the last couple of weeks have made me realise anew how fragile normal everyday life can be, and how precious those little ordinary family moments are.


Me, my husband (holding a photo of Jessica), Sophie and Thomas sitting on a bench at Torquay with the sea and boats in the background - "Me and Mine - February 2022"


We started off the month with a lovely weekend away in Torquay, where this month’s family photo was taken. Sophie and Thomas enjoyed a rare opportunity to spend an afternoon on the beach and it was good to have some time away and to switch off, even if just for a short time.


The end of the month also provided some opportunity for quality time with Sophie and Thomas during half-term. We enjoyed catching up with our extended family, had a day out at Legoland and Sophie took part in her second dance festival. She did very well, especially with her tap solo where she got a gold medal for first place in her section.


We also spent a lovely afternoon looking over some photos and videos of Jessica that my husband found on his phone. I hadn’t seen some of them before and it is always very special to see ‘new’ photos and videos. Jessica is always very much missed and it was good to have some time chatting about our memories and remembering so many of the moments we had with her.

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