Me and Mine – August

This time four years ago, although we didn’t know it at the time, we were just a week away from Jessica’s arrival. This time four years ago, we didn’t know whether we’d be lucky enough to have four days with Jessica. To be here four years on enjoying time with her and Sophie is something we are incredibly thankful for.

Me and Mine - August - Little Hearts, Big Love

We live in the moment; we will always live in the moment, never really looking too far ahead. Yes, there are birthdays and other events to prepare and plan for, but the here and now is what really matters. Being together as much as we can, going out as a family, relaxing at home – the little moments that make up everyday life.

Me and Mine - August - Little Hearts, Big Love

August has been a fairly quiet month for us as a family. Hubby has been away working a lot and so time as a family has often been about enjoying the little moments here and there.   We have managed to spend some time together over the bank holiday weekend though – having a family day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum where we managed to take a few shots of the four of us together.

Me and Mine - August - Little Hearts, Big Love

dear beautiful

26 thoughts on “Me and Mine – August

    1. Thanks Debs – we have done a few like this – one day I will put them all together in a collage and frame it 🙂

    1. Thanks Jane – it is easy to forget about living in the moment when things are stressful – I’m guilty of this too at times x

  1. Aw I love the first one- what a great perspective! Definitely a framer, I am so impressed you managed to do it and get you all in focus! x

  2. Ah what lovely happy photos! I know so much about living in the moment and for each day, it’s how we have lived for the past few years since my husband first fell ill. I think it is a valuable lesson as well though isn’t it – unless you are forced to live like that you can sometimes take things for granted. x

    1. Thanks Julia – being taught to live in the moment is a good thing but it is hard too when illness and other circumstances make it necessary to do so x

  3. Oh wow, how wonderful to look back and then look forward again. They’re gorgeous pictures and you’re clearly making the most of all your moments!!

  4. Such lovely photos and I definitely think more people should live in the moment! Lovely to meet you the other week too, your girls are gorgeous! x

  5. What a lovely snapshot of your family! I am new to blogging and have been seeing lots of ‘me and mine’ posts, I’m inspired to try it!! I can’t wait to take my boys to that museum when they’re older, I remember going on a school trip there and finding it fascinating! Wishing you a great weekend 🙂

    1. It’s a great place to visit, am sure they would love it. Me and Mine is great – I love having the regular prompt to take a family photo – before I started joining in we didn’t have that many photos of the four of us and now we have lots 🙂

  6. These are beautiful photos. We went to a photographer to get some family shots a couple of months ago and she ended up having to say “Well, I’ll take his head from this one, and your head from this one, and change the eyes here…” etc. You guys nailed it! 🙂

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