Friday Focus 19/05/17 – Unexpected moments

Some weeks just tick along following the usual routine. Some weeks are a little bit of a bumpier ride with a few unexpected things thrown in along the way. Sometimes the unexpected moments are nice ones; sometimes they’re not so nice. This week has been one of those weeks.

Unexpected - this week's word of the week. A doodle of the word "unexpected" with a cartoon Jessica running along the top and a cartoon Sophie asleep between the 't' and 'd'


Hubby has been working away for a few days so I’ve been flying solo for much of the week. Typically, this was when Sophie and I were unwell – although thankfully not both of us at the same time. Jessica was so helpful in the middle of the night when her sister was ill and having a willing pair of little hands to get clean pyjamas and towels made it much more manageable. Despite the broken night for her, she coped quite well with school and both girls benefited from an early night. It made me proud to see how kind and caring she was with her little sister.



Jessica also made me proud last weekend when I watched her take part in her Girls’ Brigade sports day. It was a bit of an emotional day for me as it was the anniversary of a particularly significant appointment. Six years earlier, we had been told that there was little hope that Jessica would survive and there we were watching her running around with her friends. She always trails behind everyone else in the races but this time she amazed us by coming third in the obstacle race. An unexpected, but wonderful moment!


Jessica with her 3rd place ticket for the obstacle race at her Girls' Brigade sports day


We had our first parents’ evening for Sophie at her preschool. She’s doing very well but I was sad to hear that her key worker will be leaving after half-term. She was Jessica’s key worker too and has been wonderful with both my girls. Jessica starting preschool was such a huge step for me – having to put my trust in someone else to look after my child and be aware of her needs. Her key worker always made me feel that my children were in very safe hands and it is a shame she won’t see Sophie through preschool too. That said, all the staff at the preschool are amazing and as Sophie’s “favourite teacher” changes on a day-to-day basis, I think she will be fine with the change.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Seeing how doing Jessica’s homework on things which float and sink rapidly turned into water play using the tuff spot as an impromptu paddling pool.


Jessica and Sophie sitting and splashing in the tuff spot with the slide next to it

  • Planting sunflowers in the garden with Sophie. I’m hoping we have better luck with these than we did last year!


  • Seeing the roses starting to bloom in the garden.


  • Getting flowers as a late birthday present from a friend.


A bouquet of white and purple flowers

  • Starting an online photography course to help improve the photos I take on my phone.


  • Watching the girls using Lego for small world play.


  • Having an early night and getting a really good night’s sleep – it’s amazing what a difference it makes!



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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 19/05/17 – Unexpected moments

  1. Your girls are such a credit to you Louise, how wonderful that Jessica helped you in the middle of the night what a caring little lady. Good luck with your sunflowers, ours grew quite last last year and were still alive in October. Have a lovely weekend. #LittleLoves

  2. Oh I love that photo of the two of them in the makeshift paddling pool! Sorry you have been unwell and how adorable of Jessica to be so helpful even in the middle of the night. Libby doesn’t even wake up when her sister is ill and they’re in the same room! Have a fabulous weekend.

    1. Thanks Nat. I suspect if they’d been in their own beds, Jessica might have slept through it but they were both in mine at the time!

  3. I’m sorry you and Sophie have not been well, how lovely of Jessica to help you out. You must be so proud of her xx #WotW

  4. Aww! Well done Jessica for this week….It sounds like she has been a great help. You have every reason to be proud especially with the anniversary.
    I hope Sophie is feeling better now x

  5. Sorry to hear you and Sophie have both been poorly, hope you’re both better now. it must have been wonderful to see Jessica doing so well, and on such a significant anniversary, too. Hope you enjoy your photography course x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. I love that you had a little helping hand. It is lovely to hear about that bond. I hope you both feel better now. Love the photo of Jessica too. I need to think about an online photography course too #WotW

    1. Thank you Jane. The photography course was fun – just a couple of weeks but I’ve learned a few new tricks as a result 🙂

  7. Go Jessica. Not only coming 3rd in her race, but being there in the middle of the night to help you. She is so caring and shows it when it’s most needed. It is a shame Sophie’s keyworker is going, but it sounds like it won’t be too big a deal for her. I do love your drawings. They always make me smile. #wotw

  8. Sorry to read that you and your daughter have been ill. I do hope you are both better now. Jessica sounds like a really caring and thoughtful little one. #WotW

  9. Ah no bess Sophie, its awful when they are ill, and glad you are all better, that sports day must have been so emotional what an amazing a brave little girl Jessica is xx

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