Friday Focus 16/11/18 – Remembering

Sophie took part in her first Remembrance Sunday parade this week. She did so well marching with her Girls’ Brigade friends and staying silent to remember those who have fought and died in war. I always find the remembrance service very sobering and moving and even more so this year. I couldn’t help but remember Jessica taking part in previous years and wishing I could have seen both my girls marching together.


Remember - this week's word of the week


I was so sad this week to hear of the passing of another heart warrior – a little boy who had the same heart condition as Jessica. It breaks my heart that there is another family out there feeling the devastation of having to live life without their child. CHD can be so incredibly cruel. My thoughts have been so much with his family this week.


Since the start of our own heart journey, we have followed the stories of many other heart children. Some of those children have also sadly gained their angel wings. I still remember each and every one of them and often think of them and their families.


When visiting Jessica at her forever bed this week, I noticed that there were fresh flowers in her vase. It made me smile to see them and to know that someone else had visited her. Knowing that Jessica is remembered by others means so very much.


As I was leaving, I noticed that one of the nearby trees was a “snowdrop” tree. These are the trees around which babies and children under 5 are laid to rest. I went to take a closer look at the memorials around this tree. I was stunned to see a name I recognised on the first one. It was the forever bed of a little girl whose story I followed a few years ago – another little heart angel. What a strange coincidence that she and Jessica now sleep so near one another.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Going for a walk and looking for geocaches.


Sophie standing on a stile next to hubby against a backdrop of autumn trees


  • Celebrating at a friend’s 40th birthday party.


  • Watching Sophie have fun at a classmate’s birthday party.


Sophie wearing a poppy print dress


  • The huge grins that Thomas gives Sophie.


  • Picking fresh raspberries from our raspberry bush – I’m amazed that we’re still getting fruit from it!


Sophie picking raspberries from our raspberry bush


  • Receiving a PlayStation themed box in the post with goodies and game codes. Hubby’s away at the moment but I’m looking forward to trying out the games when he gets back.



12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 16/11/18 – Remembering

  1. It’s so sad that there are so many heart warriors out there. I actually know someone else too and her daughter has just turned 16, she had a heart transplant before her second birthday. It’s a hard thing to live xx
    I love Sophie’s poppy dress, she’s such a sweet girl, I’m glad she had fun at the party and did so well in her parade. It has certainly been a week of remembering for you x
    Thanks for linking up to #Wotw

    1. It is sad, especially when you hear of another child gaining their wings. I can imagine that life after a heart transplant is hard to live but how lovely that your friend’s daughter is now 16 – I hope she continues to do well x

  2. Isn’t that so lovely that someone else has taken the time to pause and leave flowers for Jessica. It must be so heartwarming to see 🙂 I second Anne’s comment, Sophie’s dress is lovely and perfect for this past week! #WotW

    1. It was so lovely to see those flowers. Means so much to know someone else remembered Jessica.

  3. Well done Sophie for marching. It is sad that you won’t see both of your girls march together.
    I am so sorry about the passing of another heart warrior. I am still in some groups for the hospital where my girls were treated and it is always so sad to hear about another child dying 🙁
    Sophie’s poppy dress is beautiful. Perfect for this past week. x

    1. Thank you Kim. It always breaks my heart to hear of another child dying but even more so now that I know what pain his family are feeling x

  4. Ah that’s just tragic, his poor family it’s such a cruel condition and it must be so hard for you when these tragedies happen. And Sunday must have been hard for you too. Sophie did so well bless her. And how lovely to know people are taking flowers for Jessica its shows how many people she touched x

    1. It is so sad, CHD can be so cruel. It has been a rollercoaster week but I was proud of Sophie and knowing that someone else remembered Jessica made me smile x

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