Friday Focus 16/08/19 – Our JoGLE for Jessica

We’re now back home again after spending six days travelling on trains and buses to go from John O’Groats to Land’s End and home again on our JoGLE for Jessica. I’ll be sharing a more detailed account of our journey over the next few days on the blog, but we enjoyed our adventure on the whole. It was very bittersweet at times – remembering our previous LEJOG adventure with Jessica and wishing we could have been doing our JoGLE with her instead of for her – and we had a couple of hiccups along the way with delays and cancellations, but there were lots of fun moments as well. Sophie and Thomas both coped well with all the travelling. We took a day off in Glasgow which helped break up the travelling and also gave us the opportunity to catch up with some friends too.


The word 'JoGLE' with a John O'Groats signpost on the J and a Land's End signpost on the L


It was great to have an adventure, but good to be back home and have a couple of days to relax and recover from it all! Since getting back we’ve mostly stayed close to home, enjoying some crafts and fun out in the garden. We’re slowly working our way through the activities on Sophie’s summer activities list. The summer holidays feel like they are flying by though – I can’t quite believe we’re halfway through already.



Things that have made me smile over the last two weeks

  • Having an evening out and catching up with some of my friends from my tap dancing days at the Tap for Fun 30th anniversary party.


  • Going to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time and taking Sophie and Thomas to one of the Proms.


Hubby, me, Sophie and Thomas outside the Royal Albert Hall


  • Being sent some beautiful flowers from my friend.


A bouquet of flowers


  • Watching Sophie feed the animals at Puffin Croft petting farm at John O’Groats.


Sophie with one of the donkeys at Puffin Croft petting farm



Sophie sitting next to the 'Scott's Snashters' Oor Wullie sculpture and copying the pose


  • The amazing generosity of complete strangers – we had a couple of people ask about JoGLE for Jessica during our journey and then donate to our JustGiving page. So kind.


  • Watching Sophie having fun doing some hand and footprint painting in the garden.


Sophie standing in a paint-filled tray about to step on a piece of lining paper covered in footprints


  • Putting Thomas in one of Jessica’s baby wetsuits and seeing his delight at sitting and splashing in the paddling pool.


Thomas splashing in the paddling pool


  • Doing some rock painting with Sophie.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 16/08/19 – Our JoGLE for Jessica

  1. Well done all of you. That is quite a journey. Sophie looks like she had fun with her hand and foot painting. Wonderful to be able to do this kind of craft outside. Thomas seems to be enjoying the paddling pool too. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic adventure despite the hiccups. Well done to you all!
    I love the photo of Sophie with the sculpture. It looks like she’s having the best time.

  3. Your family had quite the adventure! Your little Thomas looks so cute splashing around in his pool! And Sophie with her hand and footprint painting. I am going to have to try that with my grandsons. We did rock painting a few months ago and hid the rocks in the park for others to find.

  4. Ah congratulations on finishing it, it must have been tough at times I have been following your progress. I love that pic of Thomas he looks delighted, as does Sophie painting. I bet the proms were amazing this is on my list I adore orchestras x

  5. I loved watching your adventures on Instagram, you all did so well I bet you were exhausted afterward. What a lovely way to remember Jessica, I’m certain she was with you every step of the way. It looks like you’ve had lots of fun in the garden too. Have a nice weekend x

  6. congratulations on completing your JoGLE, what a lovely thing to do. I can’t believe we were so close at one point with us having travelled all the way to Cornwall at the same time. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week. Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

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