LEJOG Day 4 – We did it!

Despite being given directions at the hotel to the bus stop we still managed to completely miss it and had to ask someone else. It turned out we’d walked straight past it – how both hubby and I had managed to miss the bus shelter and the big yellow BUS STOP on the road when we’d passed the church (which we had noticed!) is beyond me! We were amused to spot the opticians opposite said bus stop, clearly we are both in need of one! Thankfully we had allowed plenty of time to reach the bus stop so didn’t miss our bus (which would have delayed us by two hours).

Hubby, Jessica and Sophie waiting outside the bus stop at Thurso for the bus to take us to John O'Groats

We were the only travellers on the bus for most of the journey – just one old man joining us for the last couple of miles. It was such a satisfying feeling to pull into the car park at John O’Groats and know we’d done it. We picked a good time of day to arrive too – it was fairly quiet which made it very easy to get out photo taken in front of the signpost before getting our log stamped at the First and Last Shop.

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie standing in front of the signpost at John O'Groats with the text "LEJOG Day 4 - We did it!"

I have to confess I preferred our end point to our start point – it felt much less touristy and commercialised. We could have our photo taken standing right in front of the sign for free rather than having to pay £9.95 for it and while there were the expected gift shops, cafés and tourist information point, there weren’t any additional attractions like the one featuring Shaun the Sheep the girls had spotted at the other end!


We stopped for a coffee at the café and the girls had Funny Feet ice lollies which I don’t think I’ve seen since I was a little girl! I was still buzzing with the sense of achievement at us managing to complete the journey with our sanity still very much intact and couldn’t resist treating myself to the End to Ender T-shirt.

Me in my End to Ender T-shirt

We said at the start that we weren’t sure if it would be fun or hellish doing this journey with two small children. They have both amazed us with just how well they have coped with the travelling and while there have been some challenging moments here and there (mostly when we were all tired), they have been few and far between. I can honestly say it has just been one wonderful adventure and I’m glad we decided to do it.

Hubby, Jessica and Sophie standing next to a white boat with the words "The Inn at John O'Groats" painted on it

Getting a glimpse of the Orkneys from John O’Groats has given us a desire to come back here one day and take the ferry to visit them. Hubby has also (only half-jokingly) proposed trying to travel from Dover to north-west Scotland and do the other diagonal. Maybe that will be next year’s challenge!


Heading home, we took the bus to Wick where we had a couple of hours to wait before our train which were mostly spent in Morag’s Cafe which served amazing cake and milkshakes and had a little amusement arcade which helped keep Jessica and Sophie entertained.

Sophie enjoying a milkshake at Morag's Cafe in Wick

On the train back to Inverness, I got chatting to a fellow Lejogger who had cycled up over 24 days, camping along the way. It’s funny how doing a journey like this gives you that sense of connection to complete strangers who have done the same journey, even when it’s by a completely different method of travelling.


The girls enjoyed the journey home on the sleeper train and slept well (once we’d managed their disappointment over not being able to sleep on the top bunks!)  We arrived back at our local station almost exactly 96 hours from having left it.  As we got off the train, Jessica asked “how many sleeps until we go on the train again?” – she’s already looking forward to the next adventure!

Jessica and Sophie in our berth on the Caledonian Sleeper

Background picture of the John O'Groats sign with the text "Our LEJOG stats: Time: 2 days 17 hours 54 minutes; Travelling on 4 trains and 2 buses; Sophie's age on completing LEJOG - 2 years 255 days; Jessica's age on completing LEJOG - 4 years 347 days"


We did our LEJOG challenge in aid of Little Hearts Matter, a charity which supports children like Jessica who have half a working heart.  If you would like to find out more and/or sponsor us, please visit our fundraising page.


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12 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 4 – We did it!

  1. Wow, a fabulous journey to have undertaken and with two little ones, too! Glad to hear it went so well and that the girls loved it so much. I know my two would love a sleeper train, too! You definitely deserved that t-shirt and it is so lovely how things like this do connect you with others. Great to read about it, and I suspect I’ll be reading about Dover to NW Scotland next year! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Congratulations! It must be a proud moment for you all! What a fab achievement, especially with two little ones in tow! It sounds like they handled the travelling very well 🙂
    I’ve been loving reading about your adventure! Well done for doing it for such a brilliant cause! Xxx

  3. What a fabulous journey and experience for the Summer holidays! I have the sleeper train on my bucket list, you can tell your two little adventurers that they’ve had a very special experience 🙂

  4. I’m so pleased it went well for you and was an enjoyable adventure rather than four days of hell! Travelling with children can always be challenging, so your girls have been brilliant! No wonder you feel a sense of achievement. I really hope you raise lots for the charity. x

  5. A massive congratulations! I am in awe of you and your amazing family. Well done Hun, you are a true inspiration. I loved reading all of your instalments and I am so happy you did it and for such a fabulous charity too. Big love

  6. That’s such an amazing feat and I’ve been following you all on facebook. Really well done and I think you have some beautiful family photos of your journey. Will be sponsoring you & such a great cause for sure

  7. Oh so lovely to read this! Your girls sound like they had such a great time – well done! Love the fact that they want to do it again. Love also the connection with other travellers – love that bond you can make with a shared experience. Well done Louise!

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