Fun in the Park at Langley Park

Langley Park is one of our favourite places to visit.  It’s somewhere that the girls can always make magic just with a little imagination.  Put some funfair rides, face painting and other attractions there for a day though, add that little touch of magic and it’s the perfect recipe for a fun day out.

Sophie with her face painted like a tiger on a swing at Langley Park

It was certainly very busy – I’ve never had to park in the overflow car park before let alone the overflow car park for the overflow car park! We were a little pessimistic on the weather front as the skies were looking quite dark and the girls were in puddle suits with wellies but once the sun came out, it got very hot and the puddle suits were soon discarded.

The owl about to land during the falconry display

We watched the falconry display for a while.  Jessica and Sophie were quite fascinated by seeing the owl fly from one end of the display area to the other.  At one point, the children were invited to sit in the middle while the owl flew over their heads but Jessica and Sophie both declined, wanting to stay next to Mummy and Grandma and watch the owl from a safer distance.

Jessica sliding down the giant inflatable slide with Sophie at the top

The giant inflatable slide was a big hit with both the girls.  Jessica always used to be the timid one where big slides were concerned, with Sophie being fearless and now it seems they have switched places.  Sophie is now the one who needs lots of encouragement to even consider going down slides – although she did enjoy this one!

Jessica flying a purple aeroplane on the aeroplane ride

Both girls loved the aeroplane ride and were quite insistent on having a plane each rather than sharing which is what they’ve tended to do up until now.

Jessica and Sophie with our Tiny Talk teacher Louisa

We also bumped into our lovely Tiny Talk teacher Louisa and got to meet her new baby for the first time.

Jessica looking in the mirror having just had her face painted with pretty patterns across her forehead and around her eyes and a red heart in the middle

No fun day is complete without having to get faces painted.  There was just one person doing the face painting though which made for a long wait in the queue.  Jessica went for a pretty pattern with a heart in the middle of her forehead and Sophie opted for a tiger.  I was very impressed by the end result – and have to say I think she made the cutest little tiger ever!

Sophie looking at her tiger face in the mirror

In the playground, Sophie had a lot of fun prowling around underneath one of the little huts being a scary (and adorable) tiger while an older girl pretended to be scared up in the hut.  It was lovely to see her enjoying some imaginative play with an older child encouraging her in it.

A tiger-faced Sophie prowling around the huts in the playgruond while an older girl hides from her

Sophie catching Jessica at the bottom of the slide

The long grass on the way back to the car park was also the perfect place to pretend to be a tiger and both the girls had a wonderful time prowling through the grass and roaring at each other.  We also spotted a few grasshoppers too.

Sophie prowling in the long grass

A grasshopper in the long grass

While the girls enjoyed going on the rides at the fun day, I think the last half-hour when they were just having fun in the playground or pretending to be tigers roaming through the long-grass jungle were the most enjoyable moments for the girls.  Just as well really – with each ride costing £4 for both of the girls to go on it, my purse would have been rapidly emptied had they wanted to spend all their time on the rides!

Jessica and Sophie with Grandma

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11 thoughts on “Fun in the Park at Langley Park

  1. What a fun place to visit, I can see why it is a favourite attraction for you all. I think it is testament to how you have brought them up that they took so much pleasure from playing in the long grass with their own game in their face paints and not hassling you for endless rides. I know with ours they would love to do all the rides at these places but we always had to limit it with having so many of them, actually the fun they can have with nature when they put their minds to it is just as good. I adore your falconry photo, the focus is so spot on.

    Thank you for linking up and sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Thank you Fiona – I did love seeing them have just as much fun with imaginative play as they did with the rides. I suspect the wanting rides will increase as they get older though! Always lovely to link up, thank you for hosting 🙂

  2. Love the tiger face. I can imagine what fun she had pretending to be a big cat. I love falconry displays. What a great idea to let the children sit in the middle and experience the birds flying over their heads. Maybe next time, your two will be rushing out to join in. #CountryKids

    1. Thank you Cheryl – I’m sure they’ll be brave enough to join in at some point! 🙂

  3. Oh your girls are so adorable, such lovely photos and sounds like they had a brilliant day! Always lovely to see children enjoying some imaginative play 🙂 #countrykids

  4. Awww what a lovely day out, Louise. Olivia and I always love the photos of Sophie and Jessica. She speaks like she knows your girls. lol xx

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